Shorter and Shorter…

It’s back to central Europe for another look at productions of Postriziny, Bohumil Hrabal’s nostalgic look at the idyllic life of his parents (or characters based on them, Francin and Maryska), who run a Bohemian brewery before the Second World War. We too begin by looking back to the more recent past of an idyllic time before populism, wokedom or Covid, the year 2014. We’re looking in at Nymburk, the town where it all started, for a Hrabal memorial afternoon, with performances of some of highlights from his work, which rightly include:

Two years on and still in Bohemia, here’s another look at the production in Blatna starring Veronika Janeckova as Maryska, who (as you can see here) got into minor difficulties involving an additional pair of panties that didn’t belong there. She seems to have sorted that out here:

And the 2018 iteration of the same production gives us this:

Here’s another, smaller-scale 2018 production, in the Slovak village of Ples. where the Francin very obviously whacks his own hand – but the over-excited Maryska first tries to pull down her panties to be spanked on her bare bottom and then fails to get her skirt down properly afterwards, so that she rides off with the seat of her panties still partly exposed!

Meanwhile, the Dalesice brewery, the location for the 1980 film version, hosted another of its annual special tours with recreations of key scenes from the film, courtesy of the local am-dram group, with especial courtesy shown by one lady member thereof:

Now we’re taking a quick detour back in time to 2017 and south-east to Hungary, simply to see a curio: a one-woman show based on Postriziny. Can you do a M/F spanking scene in a one-woman show? Here’s Gabi Kéner‘s attempt:

Maybe I’m just trying to postpone the disappointments of 2019. June that year saw a production in Pilsen, in which something else unusual happened: Francin left Maryska’s skirt down for the spanking.

And in October, a new opera based on the film opened in Olomouc, with Natalie Tichankova as Maryska. Unlike some other stage versions, the spanking climax was played with her bottom upstage:

But these things are uncharacteristic of the Czechs, who have fewer inhibitions about spanking than some other nations, and in 2021 normality was restored at Pilsen, when Jana Ondruskova got her very frilly frillies spanked by Libor Stach:

But here’s a question for you: what’s not quite right about this photo from the same production?

The answer is: Maryska’s hair. If you remember the story, the reason she is spanked is that she has had her beautiful locks cut short, but for this publicity photo session, intended to cover the whole show, they didn’t bother with the hair adjustments that would precede the scene in a full performance. Maybe that’s why they only chose to release the first one, where Jana is all bottom!

Later in 2021, however, the hair arrangements were as they should be at the Horacke Theater in Jihlava, with the possible exception of a rather crude wig for Sára Venclovská, most of which is on the bicycle handlebars by the time she gets spanked by Zbyšek Humpolec:

Finally for now, the artist Rudolf Brancovsky, who in 2014 had depicted the film’s spanking scene in a picture for the Homework exhibition in Prague, produced a new version in 2022:

And with that, we bid au revoir (or should that perhaps be na videnou?) to the little town where time stands still, in the hope and expectation that, when we return, time will have continued to stand still, and, in spite of modern madness, Maryska will have had more than a few more spankings!

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