Strange Therapy

Introducing Agneta Ogebratt and Brita Sylvan:

Here they are with their friend and mentor, Hans Scheike (1924-2019):

He was a self-styled pioneer in the field of what he called ‘risterapi’. Here he is putting it into practice on Agneta, with a little help from Brita:

Yes, ris is one of several Swedish words for spanking!

The theory behind the therapy sounds a little like Arthur Janov’s primal scream: a sound spanking is the transferred form in which the patient relives all the bad experiences that have knotted up her unconscious, and she is made to release them in the form of screams, after which, according to Scheike, she will escape her neuroses into a new, creative phase of life.

Some of that doesn’t ring entirely true. The pronouns are one giveaway. Scheike took the view that women are inherently submissive, and that M/F is therefore the ‘natural’ orientation. In consequence, ‘spanking therapy’ would only work for patients of one gender, administered by a therapist of the other, which in practice meant Scheike himself. Another weakness in the case is that some of the women in his orbit, notably Brita and Agneta, seem to have been spanked repeatedly and indefinitely across a period of decades, invariably OTK and almost always with birch twigs. It starts to look a lot more like a fetish than a cure.

Scheike himself insisted that spanking had nothing to do with sex, and that he himself got no erotic stimulation from it at all – even though, in his later years, he also produced and sold a significant amount of spanking pornography through a website. The sexual dimension also seems evident in his general practice of spanking on the bare bottom,

though some photoshoots seemingly called for a little more decorum:

In Sweden he was a celebrity of sorts, largely because of the fallout from a commune for young women he set up in Bergslagen in the mid-1980s. Of course, those who lived there were routinely spanked. Some of them were under age. A couple of girls, who were clearly not feeling any benefit from their regular ‘risterapi’ sessions, escaped and went to the police. The media feasted on the story of a ‘sex sect’, and in 1988 Scheike was convicted of child sexual abuse and went to jail for three years.

When he came out, the question was how to spin that celebrity. Public perceptions were as divided as Scheike himself was confused: for some, he was the leader of a dangerous, right-wing pedophile sect, for others, a harmless eccentric with odd tastes and loyal friends.

It’s important to point out that the most recent and most substantial critical account of him and his women, Magnus Utvik’s 2014 book Tuktad till Frihet (Disciplined to Freedom), was disputed by the subjects and receives an extensive rebuttal on Brita Sylvan’s Swedish-language website.

And on the other side, a 2010 shoot by the photographer Johan Palmgren for Rocky Magazine presented him as nothing more threatening than a peculiar geriatric spanking a couple of older women in the snow:

You might take the view that the people who know best are Agneta and Brita, and they were evidently content and consenting, notwithstanding the look on Agneta’s face in the penultimate picture. And in 1989, the journal Aktuell Rapport sent its reporter Jeanette Hermansson to visit Scheike in prison, so that she too could get a properly informed understanding of what ‘risterapi’ really meant.

Aktuell Rapport is the kind of schizophrenic publication that could only exist in Scandinavia: part erotica, part serious writing with at least a pretension to investigative journalism. Jeanette Hermansson’s report straddled the boundary exactly: she talked seriously with Scheike about his ideas, and she also got spanked — hard!

Her article describes the experience:

I go across the sect leader’s knee with mixed feelings. I try to tell myself how good for me a little spanking will be, but I can’t manage it. I feel great disgust. Then he starts to spank me with the fresh birch twigs. I stop thinking clearly. But I know better. It hurts terribly! It stings and burns unbearably on my bottom and I fight back tears. The only thing in my head is, ‘When will he stop, when will he stop?’ It’s like being drilled by the dentist without anesthetic. Up and down my bottom, and a little down my thigh, the sect leader whips me with quick, snappy blows. And suddenly, when I can’t stand another second of it, he stops.

As you can see, Scheike did at least allow her the concession of her panties. But even so, as she got dressed afterwards, she admitted to him that she couldn’t see how this could possibly help or please anyone, other than the person doing the spanking. He replied that this only showed that she needed to be spanked some more, until she felt the benefit!

But she was also struck by Scheike’s weird charisma, his self-confidence and his ability to see the positive side of anything and everything that happened to him, including going to prison (which he took as an opportunity to write a book about spanking). She concluded that ‘risterapi’ had been overdramatized by the media and overintellectualized by Scheike, making it a trigger for unnecessary hysteria.

What is ‘risterapi’ really about? Jeanette’s conclusion, arrived at through direct experience, was:

‘It’s about a man giving a woman a spanking and the woman getting a sore bottom.’

As simple as that!

3 thoughts on “Strange Therapy

  1. Guasón says:

    See, I can’t help but feel that the reporter didn’t like it because Scheike went straight for the implements and didn’t give her a warmup with his hand. Or maybe she just really wasn’t interested in spanking. I know it’s because of the women I tend to associate with but it’s a novel idea to me that a woman might not enjoy being spanked! Lol


  2. ogang2446 says:

    I think Hans Scheike considered himself a philosopher. In fact he was the master of a group of submissive women who happily submitted their bare bottoms to the master’s birch. Painful for the bare bottoms but wonderful for the chastised women.


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