A New Experience for Tomo Yo

We have previously observed how, in the weekly friendly contest between singers Tomo Yo and Rumi Maeda, in which the loser’s forfeit is a sore bottom, a victory for Rumi typically means that Tomo Yo bends over to be whacked, whereas sometimes, when Rumi is the loser, she goes over Tomo Yo’s knee to be properly spanked. That never happens to Tomo Yo…

Correction: it never used to.

Because in February 2022, loser Tomo Yo had to bend over Rumi’s knee for the first time ever, though it was an offscreen hand wielding the stick that spanked her.

The video is here.

After that, normal practice was apparently restored, with Tomo Yo bending over to take her forfeit – on one occasion, complete with  VPL which maybe some will, like me, find cute:

Video here.

But by May, things were starting to go seriously wrong for our heroine. Here’s the outcome of the first contest of the month:

Video here.

And the very next week:

Video here.

For the whole run of Tomo Yo and Rumi Maeda’s contests, including many a minor whacking I haven’t bothered with here, please visit the series’ dedicated YouTube channel.

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