Back to the Farm

This week we’re going to look again at the Latvian midsummer treat of Skroderdienas Silmacos, Rudolfs Blaumanis’ epic comedy of country life. But before we take a few steps forward, let’s take more than a few back, to see what the spanking scene looked like in 1923:

And as we make our way back to the 21st century, let’s stop off in 1965 to see Ulrihs Ziemelis spanking Velta Vedeja:

On to 2018, and some things are looking up (and going up):

(The video is here.)

OTK enters the picture in a 2020 production with Gunta Bahmane on the receiving end:

Now for a fresh look at the Latvian National Theater’s long-running production. Here are some splendid angles on the spanking, in part thanks to the 2021 trailer (which uses pre-2021 footage):

And finally, a different 2021 production,

with the video here.

And who knows what midsummer 2022 may bring?

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