A Policeman’s Lot is Oft a Spicy One

Is the cop rushing to assist or to intervene?

We’ve already seen that a spanking policeman was a tricky subject in the last century: his action might be expedient, might even be a practical way of settling accounts without the trouble and expense of a formal court case leading to a criminal record, but equally it was something that often felt slightly ‘wrong’.

It may be surprising to find the very same attitudes in Spicy World, where you’d expect that one of the givens is that a pretty girl is going to get, not just a spanking but often the indignity of a skirtless spanking – and, when given by a cop, often in a public place too!

But look at how she remonstrates with him: seems like she’d rather have justice take its regular course!

But sometimes it seems a cop has no option, if a wave of minor offenses puts too much of a strain on resources: 

It’s worth remembering that, at least in Spicy World, it does have to be a minor offense. Elsewhere, we’ve seen examples of girl thieves getting their just deserts over someone’s knee, but with spicy cops the misdeeds are lesser, sometimes to the extent that the miscreant can claim her fate is unduly harsh:

So it behoves the police to act with all due moderation.

A bit noisy for after dark, though? Maybe there’s also a case for doing it somewhere more private, and this cop certainly doesn’t feel it’s any the less effective for that:

It’s also a good idea not to spank for a first offense: let her off a warning to begin with!

Because there is still the other point of view to take into account.

And, as this redrawn version from a 1973 edition of the Spanish humor magazine El Picaro makes clear, if the policeman goes too far, justice may not ultimately prevail:

I’m too old to be punished like this, so you’d better forget about the offense!

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