Kiss Me Kate: 2007

In January, the KMK year got off to a scorching start in Nashville with this bloomers spanking:

And I do mean scorching:

In England, the venerable Cheltenham Operatic and Dramatic Society staged KMK January 20-27, with an uncommonly youthful Fred and Lilli in Mike Pandazis and Sarah Roberts:

‘The moment when he spanked Lilli was very humorous,’ wrote a reviewer.

February 16 through March 4 were the dates for the production by Port Colborne Operatic Society, Ontario, with Jamie Mowat and Sarah Bureau. The poster might seem a bit ho-hum,

but it was an altogether more spectacular affair onstage:

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Susquehanna Players production ran February 17 and 18:

Between February 23 and March 3, at a high school in New Jersey took a rather half-hearted approach:

And opening February 24 at Eskilstna Teater, Sweden, here’s Stefan Lalander spanking Åsa Kratz:

Meanwhile in Scotland, here are John Nichol and Lorraine Kemp in the production by Selkirk Amateur Operatic Society:

A video may be viewable here.

Down under, an Australian tour saw Lynette Harris spanked for more than two months by Jeremy Tatchell, from March 7 through May 13. According to publicity:

‘Co-Opera’s version has more of the swagger and bawdiness of Shakespeare’s time; it reflects our own times too, such as including a saucy spanking scene!’

A spanking scene unashamedly said to reflect ‘our own times’? My, how times have changed since 2007! And that saucy scene made the poster:

A high school production in Louisville, Kentucky, ran March 7 through 18:

And another high school in Connecticut had KMK on offer March 9-17. Here’s Lilli:

Here’s Lilli being spanked:

Here’s Lilli feeling the after-effects:

And here’s Fred taking advantage of her indisposition:

The second half of March was a golden time for KMK. Here’s a production at a New York high school that ran March 15-18, with that curious, decorous compromise of a half-raised skirt, and just a glimpse of another decorous compromise, a pair of black cycling shorts underneath:

On the very same dates, another high school in Pennsylvania ran the show. Here’s a rehearsal:

And yet again the same dates, this time at a high school in Maryland:

Here she is telling her new man what her old man did to her:

Where does it hurt?

Staying in Maryland but moving on one day, March 16 was KMK opening night for St Matthew’s Musical Theatre Troupe in Bowie, a production that ran through March 25:

Across the ocean for a production opening on March 17 at Theater Krefeld in Germany, in which Christoph Erpenbeck has a smack for Isabelle Razawi’s bottom:

It ran until June 18, 2008, and there was an alternate cast: Michael Kupfer as Fred, Kerstin Brix as Lilli.

In England, Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society gave the musical a run March 21-31:

Here are Rick Smiley and Cris Stambaugh rehearsing in costume for the March 23-31 production by Lions Community Theatre in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania:

And in Massachusetts, the dates were March 24-31 for Maria Wardwell to be spanked by Lonnie Powell for the Weston Friendly Society of the Performing Arts. What we have is another rehearsal picture, this one out of costume:

29 KMK 2007

For the next one I have only a date, March 29, and a name, Lorie, which perhaps belongs to the lady being spanked:

And there are yet more before we leave the month of March. This one may have been a production in Baltimore, with a cast including Hayley Nelson:

At the Albertus Gymnasium in Lauingen, Germany, Johannes Ditz spanks Anna Heim:

And at yet another high school in Massachusetts, from two different angles and at two different stages of wardrobe preparation:

(The impression that Lilli is wearing fishnet stockings is an illusion caused by the shadow of the chair back.)

This is also probably the point to show one from a high school in New York. The production can’t be placed more precisely than the first part of the year, but one happy outcome was that the leading lady won an award for her performance as Lilli:

The production by Colorado State Opera Theatre ran April 20 through 22:

The YouTube video, which is no longer accessible, had an interesting little history: it was originally uploaded as ‘Shakespearean Spanking Scene’, but it later changed to ‘Shakespearean Scene’ before being made ‘private’ – so it looks as if, sadly, somebody didn’t appreciate the attention!

Well worth our attention is this publicity shot for the April 20-29 production at Murfreesboro Little Theatre, Tennessee, starring Andy Ford and Miriam Truax:

Back to England April 25-28, for the Loughton Operatic Society production:

And while we’re there, April 25 also saw another opening of the same show, this one by Masque Productions of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, staring Andrew Wolden and Alison Shuker:

Bloomers Pants 1

April 28 saw the start of a KMK run at the Gerhart Hauptmann Theater in Görlitz, Germany, which continued until December 29. We have no photo of Lilli (Yvonne Reich) being spanked, but here’s Fred (Hans-Peter Struppe) having a go at an out-of-costume Lois (Anja Meyer):

Back to Maryland again for another high school spring musical:

And in Missouri, also some time in the spring, the Gallatin Theatre League paired Doug Nichols with Jackie Nichols, though you can probably guess from the surnames that they were a pair already:

In England’s Lincolnshire, the Louth Playgoers production ran May 16-26 and was promoted with this original poster:

To the North Coast Repertory Theatre next, in California, for a May 31 opening, with a bit of extra action. Here’s Kate (Minderella Willens) laying into Bianca (Darcy Doughtry):

And here the tables are turned as Minderella is turned over the table by Anthony Mankins:

What one critic called ‘a solid revival’ by Light Opera Works ran at Evanston, Illinois, from June 1 through 10, starring Larry Adams and Stacey Tappan, seen here in a rather splendid publicity photo:

We are told that Stacey got ‘to do a lot of screaming and yelling’ during the spanking scene:

There was a good month’s run for the production at Ojai Art Center Theater in California: June 22 through July 22. Stars Scott White and Asunta Fleming posed for publicity,

which duly appeared on the poster:

And here they are onstage, performing a spanking which reportedly consisted of six slaps before the curtain fell:

Richard Clarke and Sarah Riches were Fred and Lilli in the June 26-30 Argosy Musical Theatre Company production in Birmingham, England:

And that takes us halfway, with the other six months to follow next week…

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    • Harry says:

      Sorry: it’s a typo when I prepared the photos for the article, which went unnoticed in proofreading because it’s not in the text of the article. In theory I could reupload files with a corrected name, and may do when I have time, but it’s a lot of bother for a mistake that isn’t directly showing. I dare say anyone downloading the files can turn 2017 into 2007 with less trouble. But thanks for pointing it out.


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