Kiss Me Kate: 2007 (Continued)

We resume our trek through 2007 at the SCERA Shell Amphitheatre in Orem, Utah, for a production that ran July 6 through 27, was directed by Chris Clark and starred his former high school teacher, Rosanna Ungerman, as Lilli, seen here being spanked by David Hansen:

Next up is an oddity from mid-July, when something was posted on Yahoo Answers from someone claiming to be a young woman and who further claimed to be playing Lilli in a production at her high school. According to her (or maybe that should read ‘her’):

We had a slight problem with the spanking scene. The script calls for my skirt to be lifted up showing Kate’s LARGE underwear (pantaloons) but our school is on a tight budget and we couldn’t get ahold of any. So I suggested to my coach that I could just wear regular panties so he could still flip my skirt up. He asked me if I was sure and that as long as they’re not like a thong and cover my butt then it’ll work. We had a dress rehearsal the other day and when the spanking actually happened and my skirt was pulled up I was a little more embarrassed than I thought I was going to be but I got through it. I feel fine about it now, I also feel a cool breeze too, ha ha. Oh well, I’m sure the boys don’t mind.

Judge for yourself whether it’s real or someone’s online fantasy!

Salinas, California, was the home of Western Stage, which mounted a production July 14 through August 4. Here are Reg Huston and Susanne Burns in rehearsal:

27 KMK Western Stage rehearsal

And here they are in costume for the publicity photos:

In Lexington, Kentucky, you could see Whit Whitaker spank Alicia Helm McCorvey at the Paragon Music Theatre between July 18 and August 12:

Opening July 20 at the Henderson Civic Theatre, Texas, here are Preston Orr and Erin Robins posing for the publicity picture:

And in the show itself:

The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts staged the musical July 26 and 27

In England, during the summer, the Wycombe Swan production statted Laura Franek as Lilli:

August 10 through 26 saw KMK at the Memorial Theatre Company of Valparaiso, Indiana, with Derrick Mittelstaedt and Sheree Wheeler-Gudeman in purple bloomers:

The Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities ran their KMK production at Redondo Beach, California, for three weeks, September 26 through October 14. Here’s a fine original artwork poster, obviously inspired by the 1953 movie poster but far from a slavish imitation of it:

And here are Kevin Bailey and Michelle Duffy onstage:

Michael Ophelders and Sabine Brandauer had a very long run in the Theater Trier production that opened September 30; it closed February 15, 2008, meaning Sabine had a lot of spankings to take.

England’s Stourport saw an amateur production by the Carpet Trades Operatic Society, which ran October 8-13:

The City Center Entertainment production played at Lake Havasu High School, Arizona, from October 12 to 21, and featured the husband-and-wife team of Jerry and Cindy Aldridge:

Back to England October 18-20  for the Elstree and Borehamwood Light Operatic Society production, with Stuart Everett and Leeanne Blatch:

And October 24-27, courtesy of Kingsbury Amateur Operatic Society:

Also opening October 24, but running two days longer through 29, Encompass New Opera Theatre’s production for the Albanian State Theatre gives us some nice European skirt-lifting. The lap and the hand belong to Erlind Zeraliu, the boots and the bloomers to Dorina Selimaj:

At a school in Cambridge that fall:

Here’s some more original artwork for the November 9 production by Mordialloc Light Opera Company at the Phoenix Theatre in Elwood, Victoria, Australia, which starred Lucy Nicolson as Lilli:

Back to Maryland yet again for an interracial spanking in a high school production that ran November 9 through 17:

‘Lilli Vanessi’s nether regions were spanked’, observed a reviewer of the Halifax Light Opera Society production, which closed on November 17. The nether regions in question belonged to Diane Robinson, and the spanking was administered by Stephen Jamieson  as seen here:

The next production is unidentified, save for the fact that it took place in November, though I’d hazard a guess that it was a high school show:

And December 6 through 8 were the dates for a Texas high school production. Here’s the publicity shot:

And onstage:

We round off with the productions of 2007 that cannot be more precisely placed in the year. In England, a youth production in Finchley, London:

A high school in San Juan Capistrano, California:

And afterwards, either a questionable performance choice or perhaps a deliberate hint that Lilli is a diva who’s exaggerating when she tells Harrison Howell (on the other end of the phone) that she can’t sit down:

At the Canada Community Theatre:

At a high school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan:

Finally we pass on to the 2007 productions that are not only undated but unidentified. For this one, all we know is the first names of the actors: Debbie is being spanked by Philip!

21 KMK 2007

We don’t even have that much information about the next one:

Here’s another one in rehearsal:

And we end with a small mystery: a picture labeled ‘2007 Fermina Daza’.

Now, Fermina Daza is the name of the principal character in the 1985 Marquez novel Love in the Time of Cholera, which was filmed in 2007. I have no idea why it has that filename, because it is certainly a KMK production, possibly in Connecticut, with Cross Woodfield as Fred and a Lilli named Ally, who uploaded a video that may still be viewable here. More details are proving sadly elusive!

And with that, it’s on to 2008!

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