Spanked at the Wedding

Want to avoid this on the happiest day of your life? Because, you know, such things really have been known to happen at weddings:

Bridal bottoms are in danger more often than you’d think, not just from the groom,

but from guests and bridesmaids too.

And sometimes these girls smack hard!

So if you want to be able to sit down at your bridal banquet, be smart, and find a way of displacing the urge, so that it’s not you who gets spanked, but one (or more) of your wedding guests, like this:

Moving your wedding to Russia or Ukraine is not a very attractive idea at the time of writing, but you might consider importing one of the traditional ‘wedding contests’, details of which may be found here. If done properly, this will ensure not only intense hilarity among many of your guests when the ‘drum impersonation’ part of the game comes around, but also a good spanking for one of them (rather than for you).

Bear in mind that you are giving up just a little of your bridal limelight.

You do also have to make sure the chap knows exactly where to drum,

but so long as he gets there in the end,

you can be sure there’ll be a spectacular spanking at your wedding party – for somebody else!

But of course, everything I’ve said rests on the assumption that the bride doesn’t want to be spanked on her wedding day. If the opposite is the case, then it might be a good idea to find a way of communicating that to the groom.

But that’s a message that probably won’t arrive until the wedding night, when we’ll have no business watching. So instead, here’s a further selection of videos from the East End of Europe, showing the tribulations of lady wedding guests who are singled out to become human drums:


2016, 2016



2021, 2021, 2021, 2021, 2021

Hurrah for them all!

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Dean for drawing my attention to some of the videos.

One thought on “Spanked at the Wedding

  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    Thanks, Harry, for this funny and entertaining post! I never knew “Musical Brides/Bridesmaids/Guests” was a thing!
    Years ago, when the Web was new, there was a Yahoo Group in which Paul “Tubaman” Rogers posted a pic of his late and beloved wife over his lap at their wedding reception for all of his to grin at! They looked pretty young!
    He said they had discussed it beforehand, would “read the room,” and not do it if they thought the guests would be embarrassed or shocked or not in the mood! I’m supposing everybody was on board with Mrs. Rogers being on his knee!


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