Photographer of the Week: James Phelps

Since 2007, Baltimore-based James Phelps has been plying his camera in that distinctive part of the American gene pool that makes it a moral imperative to be ‘body-positive’.

His proud boast is that he makes pretty people prettier,

including those who may, in one way or another, be unconventionally pretty.

In particular, he favors curvy people of the feminine persuasion,

and enhances their natural beauty.

Hmmm… what’s the best way to enhance a plus-size model?

As we’ve already seen, fewer clothes is rarely a bad idea!

In particular, he makes a virtue of the pinup style.

And one especial virtue is what often happens when two pinup girls are gathered together.

Now let’s meet two models. The first is Jackie, seen here from an angle you won’t be able to enjoy when she gets down to work:

And this is Crystal Rose:

It looks as if she really wants to be a pinup girl.

OK, Phelps will help! But be careful what you wish for… because pinup girls will often get into catfights…

And the outcome of a pinup catfight is usually:

Other, slightly less cuddly, modes of spanking are available:

Doing the honors in that last one is Fervid Faye. Now it seems she’s making a preliminary investigation of Meli Synt.

But sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan!

There’s a huge amount to admire in James Phelps’ portfolio. If you would like to admire some more of it, please visit the Photos by Phelps website.

2 thoughts on “Photographer of the Week: James Phelps

  1. photosbyphelps says:

    Wow!!! I found this article when searching to see what my name brings up. Thank you for the article!! Feel free to message me on Instagram @photosbyphelps


    • Harry says:

      It’s always nice when a sincere tribute is received so graciously. Thank you for that, and for the pleasure your work has given to me and others. If anyone wants to visit the Photos by Phelps Instagram and give James a well-deserved thumbs-up, the direct link is here.


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