Farruko’s Back

Karina Perez has been getting spanked a lot lately, thanks to her recurring role as Cuquita, the naughty student of Professor Farruko in the sketch show El Reperpero, one of the Dominican Republic’s recent contributions to the joy of the world. But alas, it looks as if her days in the role may be numbered…

As we embark on this third helping of sketches, Farruko has been teaching Cuquita for a whole year, but without any obvious sign of improvement. One positive step from our point of view, however, is the pretty summer dress that is revealed when she removes her negligee and lies down to be spanked.

And in another definitely positive move, Farruko lifts her skirt to expose her big black panties,

whereupon naughty, incorrigible Cuquita begins to twerk!

(Note the unscheduled appearance of Karina’s own panties underneath!)

Will twerking distract the Prof from his disciplinary duties? Don’t count on it, Cuquita!

The video is here.

That was Karina’s last performance as Cuquita for a while; reportedly health issues forced her to temporarily give up the role. Happily, the producers decided that Farruko was too popular to drop. Less happily, there began an unsettled period for the series. In part this was because of repeated collisions with YouTube’s censorship policies: some sketches were marked as ‘adult material’, meaning that, to watch them, you had to supply the platform with the kind of personal and financial information that nobody in their right mind would post freely on the internet; and one sketch was published in cut form, with the excised action being, with awful predictability, the spanking. Some sketches were never published at all, only streamed as part of the whole program. And in part, it meant a lot of chopping and changing of girls, which at least brought the virtue of variety.

So it’s time for the Prof to take on a new student, and time for us to meet Adenz Naranjo:

She’s also a fitness guru, and is evidently well aware of the appeal of her rear aspect:

Here she is in costume for her introduction as the Professor’s new student.

In her first lesson, she talks back to him,

and swiftly learns how he deals with misbehaving students

The video is here.

Alas, some viewer reactions were unenthusiastic, with comments to the effect that Adenz wasn’t as funny as Karina. So they kept the schoolgirl outfit but put it on another girl, in the shapely shape of Yadsi Henriquez Reyes.

We’ve encountered her before, under the discipline of both El Mano Negro and Farruko himself. But to make sure she is under no illusions about what the Prof’s tutelage will entail, let’s have a publicity shot:

The viewers still preferred Karina, but that wasn’t the worst problem this time round. This was the video that was censored: the sketch went up to the moment when Yadsi is putting herself in position for the spanking, whereupon there was a 20-second cut, and the sketch resumed with her getting up afterwards! But thankfully they opted to publish the complete sketch a few months later, enabling us to see what happened in between!

The complete video is here. If you’re interested, you can also see the censored version here.

Next up is a third new student in as many sketches: meet Natalie Cordobao.

She may at first seem a little less prepossessing in costume for the sketch,

and she’s as dim as all of the others when it comes to answering Farruko’s very simple questions. But it seems she does know something about the proper way to get spanked. When Farruko loses his temper, sits down and orders her across his knee, the first thing she does is not to assume the position, but strip off to her lacy underwear.

Thus self-prepared in the most literal sense, she presents her bottom to the Prof for punishment:

The video is here.

She returns for more in the next sketch, the first one that was only streamed and not published as a separate entity in its own right. This time she has abandoned her glasses, but the white miniskirt is the same, and so is its ritual removal before she takes the spanking in her undies.

Farruko’s fans were still dissatisfied, with one or two making the slightly peculiar criticism that Natalie wears pantyhose (it seems they wanted bare legs). But the main cause for complaint was, as usual, that Cuquita was funnier. So the next sketch hopefully went down better, though once again it was only streamed. Karina Perez is back from her hiatus – and this time it’s epic!

One person who’s not delighted by Cuquita’s return is Farruko himself. That means fireworks, and when friction first erupts, Cuquita shows that she too hasn’t forgotten how to be spanked properly: she takes the Prof’s ‘smacker’, whips up her own skirt,

then bends over and vigorously whacks herself.

Farruko’s response is to rearm himself,

then order her into position so that she can be spanked even more properly.

Cuquita whips her skirt back up and dives over his knee.

Those who don’t care for pantyhose may be disappointed to see that she too is wearing it, with fishnets on top.

But those who like a good, sound, nonconsensual-seeming spanking will enjoy an especially animated performance from Karina:

It’s an uncommonly extended Farruko spanking: she’s in position for just over a minute, with 15 whacks administered (plus a lot of general hilarity). And it’s not over yet. When the lesson continues to go badly, Cuquita’s next move is to grab the pouffe, raise her skirt yet again and bend over:

And so, with a lot more wriggling, she gets her third spanking of the sketch!

This is also quite a long one, 16 whacks across just under 30 seconds in position. So counting the self-administered ones, she gets a total of 40, all on her panties, and around 20% of the running time of a 10-minute sketch is directly taken up with spanking.

Remarkable Reperpero!

What does the future hold for Farruko and Cuquita? The answer is to be found here.

2 thoughts on “Farruko’s Back

  1. iminwprnot says:

    Living far outside of the cultural context (or milieu) of “Farruko”, Karina (who I madly love), et. al., I realize of course, this is comedy that is foreign to me… I am ambivalent about “fishnet” stockings, as they are both attractive and limited to outlandish, exhibitionistic applications, but the most puzzling thing to me is the nondescript implement. Now that I have stated these thoughts out loud – never mind. I love the Farruko series!


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