Photographer of the Week: Hanah Tepe

Hanah Tepe works out of South Bend, but describes herelf as ‘Michiana’-based. She brings an artistic eye to everything from significant life events to passing performance,

and the latter means she often shoots burlesque, including the work of the Lansing troupe Tease-a-Gogo, run by fellow photographer Autumn Luciano.

And once in the vicinity of burlesque, it may not be long before our favorite subject shows up in some form or another.

Hanah also does retro pin-up work, including a shoot that she dubbed ‘mid-century fetish’.

Mid-20th century, that is, which meant that model Em Essling got to park herself prone in her panties on one of the most influential of all mid-century inventions.

She also got something else that was uncommonly popular in the mid-century:

All this, and television too!

But come on, now – let’s do it properly!

And those who didn’t do it right first time must be taught a lesson.

Pity she doesn’t seem to have learned it!

Never mind, there are more fish in the sea… and more girls across the knee!

So maybe a pin-up girl would be well advised to high-tail it on out of the mid-century. Though as she makes her escape through history, she’d also be well advised to steer clear of a certain relic of dark medieval times.

Looks like Delilah Blues didn’t heed that warning, and ended up with her tail high – across the lap of the Krampus!

If you are interested in Hanah Tepe’s work, please visit her website.

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