Angels and Demons

In the centuries of superstition, when serious thinkers treated supernatural beings as phenomena in xenobiology rather than products of the human imagination, it was often argued that angels had no genitalia, and therefore no sexuality. This may have been an advantage, in the sense that that there could be no irrelevant distractions, on days when their angelic duties included the following:

Yes, that really could be part of an angel’s job description, as further seen here:

The reason emerges explicitly in the artist’s preliminary sketch for the picture:

It’s a hard-working guardian angel’s responsibility to keep his charge on the straight and narrow, otherwise…

She might find herself getting an altogether less agreeable kind of spanking, from an altogether scarier kind of being!

Such things have been known to happen even in modern times, albeit mainly to burlesque performers as part of their act:

This does raise some formidable ethical paradoxes and problems. Can you get a good spanking from the epitome of evil?

And what if the lady concerned has tastes that are just a little, well, unorthodox?

Good is supposed to triumph over evil, isn’t it?

So maybe that’s another task to add to the heavenly host’s ‘to do’ list.

But beware: devils and demons are experienced spankers too, so the tables are all too easily turned.

The fallen angel’s hand came down…

and bottoms glowed like fire!

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