Live from Florida

Nothing very long or complex or deep today – just the simple and not very surprising observation that, in line with other organizations presenting the same form of entertainment, Florida-based American Combat Wrestling has been known to enliven its stock-in-trade of manly grunts and sweaty maneuvers by including an occasional spanking.

You’d have to be a lot more enthusiastic than I am about general goings-on in the ring of glory to sit through all those hours of bouts in the hope of rooting out a few spankings, so the only thing I can do to justify this article is draw your attention to one I happened to stumble upon: the match on January 25, 2017, which featured some action involving valet Amy Rose. Here she is:

She already had some experience of a smacked bottom in the ring, back in 2015, administered properly on the seat of her panties:

And now here she is in costume for the 2017 bout, this time sadly with no skirt to lift:


But at least the dorsal view is appealing…

Here’s the relevant action on video:

And now a closer look:


And if you want to see more from American Combat Wrestling… happy hunting!

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