Kiss Me Kate: 1984

We begin in January on Staten Island, with Dennis English making life uncomfortable for Maureen Curtin:

From April 24 through 28, Tunbridge Wells Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society presented Terry Shaw spanking Shirley Browning:

Ontario’s Windsor Light Opera Association, which had first staged KMK in 1956, revived the musical 28 years later for their 35th anniversary, with the very same actor, John H. L. Watson, playing Fred. The production opened in late April and ran until May 13, with Christine Kane as Lilli:

At Cheshire Community Theater, Connecticut, Patrick Hearn spanked Julie Robillard on May 4 and 5:

The summer saw another stock production by the Kenley Players, which had been doing KMK periodically ever since the rights were released in 1952. This one starred Richard Fredricks and Ann Blyth:

At Norwich, Vermont, from July 21 through 28, Jim Todhunter spanks Lori Daigle:

August 10 through 25 were the dates for the production at the Attic Theatre, Appleton, Wisconsin, with John Siebert and Christine Anania Dempsey:

And so to 1985.

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