Photographer of the Week: Taryn Lindsey

Taryn Lindsey spanks Jess Kendall

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Taryn Lindsey does outstanding pin-up and boudoir photography, bringing out the very best in her subjects. And from time to time, she spanks models. Yes, that’s rainbow-haired Taryn with Jess Kendall in a perilous position over her lap!

Quite apart from anything it may signify in terms of valuing diversity, the rainbow is to the point because bright, ebullient color is a signature element of Taryn’s world.

In her lens, even black and white and gray are vibrantly colorful.

Like all good pin-up photography, there’s a keen eye for the curves of the feminine form,

a strong streak of visual inventiveness and humor,

and a soupcon of spanking. Here’s a Christmas scene in which the curves belong to burlesque dancer Honey Merlot (also seen with the fake pumpkin earlier) and the candy cane landing on those curves is wielded by Lo Cupcakes:

And here’s one where the spanking is more than a mere soupcon, in which Cherie Blondell rather wonderfully falls foul of Lena Allure:

If you are interested in Taryn’s work, please visit her website.

The Spanking Vampire

For many years after he was created by Bram Stoker in 1897, Dracula reigned supreme over the vampire kingdom, full of Eastern European promise and dark sexual allure. A few decades into his life (or, from another point of view, a few centuries), the cinema came and Dracula rose from the page, taking on successively the forms of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, among others, and even once (in 1974’s La Grande Trouille) that of Peter Cushing, who more often played Van Helsing, vampire hunter and arch-nemesis of the Prince of Darkness. This time, however, he was the arch-nemesis of actress Miou Miou:

By now we were in the age of the postmodern exploitation mashup, which also spawned such absurd mutant variants as Blacula (AD 1972), possibly not the best ever use of that fine African-American actor William Marshall. But it wasn’t until 2002 that the world was ready for… Pervula!

Pervula is a ten-minute short that spoofs the sexy vampire trope, then well into its Vampire Diaries phase. It was written and directed by Armando Muñoz, who also stars, alongside Timmi Harrop as Gretchen, the girl menaced by Pervula.

I haven’t seen the whole film: it used to be available online but had disappeared by the time I found out about it; but the trailer, which must amount to nearly 15% of it, is available on YouTube, so we can at least have a taster of Pervula. Don’t bother if you only want spanking, because that scene is not among those featured; but it will raise a smile for the wit and inventiveness with which it handles the standard clichés of the vampire genre. Which do not ordinarily include the following:

Armando Muñoz has kept up the Pervula character, who still appears at events on the west coast of America.

He can be seen in a variety of different contexts, sometimes even as a vampire DJ – so, who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see more of the spanking rites of Pervula!

Devices of Torture


There are many American voters who should have been ashamed of themselves in 2016. Some of them actually were. And that provides the background to Caroline Bennett’s comedy Devices of Torture, which premiered on October 13, 2018, in a well-received production by the Skeleton Rep at the New York International Fringe Festival. I wasn’t in New York at the time, and the script isn’t available at the time of writing, so I can’t say as much about the play as I’d like. But here’s what emerges from the reviews.

It’s a play about the lives of four Manhattan dominatrixes in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election.

Recent graduate Olive (Isabella Jane Schiller, in the pleated skirt on the left) applies to join their organization, La Maison, and gets the job. The first of her shower of clients likes to be showered upon, if you get my meaning, in unsavory emulation of his even less savory political hero. What emerges is that the business has gotten a boost from Trump supporters seeking professional humiliation to assuage their guilt for what their votes helped to do to their country. It seems this really happened, and the specific true story at the root of the play concerns one such reprobate who paid to be whipped by a domme dressed up as Hillary Clinton. Only in the play, it’s not whipping…

Larry arrives at La Maison, shamefully resplendent in his Make America Great Again baseball cap and asking for punishment. ‘I think you’ll find several people here willing to beat the shit out of you,’ the lesbian domme Ryan tells him. ‘Or you can walk out in that hat and get a free beating from any New Yorker who sees you.’

So be warned, Devices of Torture features an F/M spanking scene. But don’t stop reading…

The good news is that the Skeleton Rep production had a cast of four, who play all the parts, dominatrixes and clients alike. So here’s Ryan dealing with Larry, who has now shed his hat:

Top: Olivia Jampol. Bottom, in every sense: Isabella Jane Schiller. In case you should feel the need of any further evidence of her true gender, here she is rehearsing the scene:

And in case you should want to know how sound a spanking she got…

Maybe it was lucky for her the run was only five performances…

Photographer of the Week: Steve Kinoz

Our focus this week is on the witty, fantastical photography of Melbourne’s Steve Kinoz.

Steve has shot many models in his distinctive and wonderfully strange style, but the most distinctive, and certainly the strangest, must be Eric. Eric describes himself as ‘just an old bloke from down under having a bit of fun’, but surely there must be few photographers who are privileged to shoot a bloke who’s this old:

(Eric is the one on the left, in case you’re wondering.)

Various interesting things have happened when Eric met up with younger models in Steve’s studio. Here’s one such younger model (not shot by Steve), Jayde Helena:

And here she is feeling the flat of Eric’s bony hand on a not so bony part of herself:

That’s the hors d’oeuvres (and, let’s face it, Eric could use a little fattening up). But before the main course, let’s reacquaint ourselves with Lady LouLou Bugoo, last seen leaning through an impossible window at the top of the article.

I bet you can guess what happened at her Eric encounter on July 9, 2018:

Now let’s pull back to see behind the scenes, revealing by implication Steve’s artistry not just in what he shoots but what he leaves out:

Bad, bad Bugoo! So bad she got spanked twice!

If you are interested in Steve’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

Spank Me!

Spank Me 0

You know, if that request were honored more often, life would be a whole lot more fun! As it is, however, young ladies wear their ‘Spank Me’ panties with pride and flash them with impunity.

But that’s at a tangent from our main subject today, which concerns the same request made in a different way. Let’s meet Juliette Dragon:

She’s a burlesque performer and lead singer of the Parisian garage punk band Rikkha,

who model themselves partly on the Cramps, and whose act often features other distractions in the foreground:

But for the moment, let’s keep our eyes on Juliette, who’s going to sing for us.

As well as DIY bottom-smacking, plus one from the guitarist at the end, some performances are also enlivened by that foreground action I mentioned, courtesy of Juliette’s burlesque associates, the Filles de Joie:

And here’s one where the backing singer Klodia Sparkling gets in on the DIY act, and the guitarist goes more than one better:

Even so, it’s not a proper spanking if it isn’t OTK, and in that limited respect ‘Spank Me’ disappoints as a song just as much as it disappoints as a phrase on ladies’ panties. But at least Juliette Dragon herself doesn’t disappoint. We’ll be seeing her get spanked, yes, properly spanked, in a few weeks’ time!

How to Handle a Woman

How to Handle a Woman is a virtually unknown play that was written in 1961 by Irving Shambaugh, a 50-year-old resident of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, specifically for presentation by the junior class at the city’s Susquehanna Township High School. He took his title from the best-known song in the Lerner and Loewe musical Camelot, which had opened on Broadway the previous December. But he took his story from The Taming of the Shrew, transposed into a modern setting. With no surviving script, it’s bound to be forever largely obscure, but let’s see what we can piece together about it.

Said to be ‘one of the finest productions ever presented to a Susquehanna audience’, How to Handle a Woman was performed just once, on May 13, 1961. (Another site has claimed that there was a second production in another state the following year, but that’s a mistake: the photograph of that alleged production of How to Handle a Woman in fact shows a rehearsal for a straight production of Shrew.) The Kate character was played by Robin Berez, who later left the school early when her family moved to New York:

The Petruchio character (Jim Pagliaro) seems to have been a bit more of a rake and a cad than in the original play. Here he is, flanked with leggy girls while Kate sits demurely to the left.

How to Handle a Woman 1961 a

The figure in the middle, apparently having trouble handling his liquor, is ‘Chris Sly’ – which tells us that in some respects Shambaugh’s version stuck pretty closely to Shakespeare’s. So I’ll hazard a guess that the couple on the right are the equivalent of Bianca and Lucentio – which will allow us to infer that he didn’t always follow the exact detail of the Shrew story.

One thing that isn’t in The Taming of the Shrew as Shakespeare wrote it, but often was as high schools played it, is the event alluded to in Shambaugh’s title. Never mind what Lerner and Loewe wrote: according to Shambaugh, the way to handle a woman is to spank her, simply spank her…

Only this time, with sister Bianca and her favorite suitor looking on!

Photographer of the Week: Kevin James


Kevin James, owner and principal photographer of the Hilliard, Ohio, firm Red Generation Photography, describes himself as fundamentally a storyteller.

He eschews pigeon-holing into photographic styles: his subject, he says, is ‘the human condition and how it is revealed through an image set against diverse environments’.

Indoors in studio light…

Outdoors in natural light…

And in various abandoned rust-belt buildings like this disused state penitentiary:

He applies his skills to some of the conventional genres, but isn’t bounded by them. Glamor:


Engagement photography:

Quirky portraiture:

But always we see a poise and grace that goes beyond the merely commercial. Ultimately Kevin’s photography is conceptual, rooted in a deep, literate intelligence which often leads him towards elements of the abstract:

His best work has a dreamy, poetic quality to it.

And if you want to understand what a photographer achieves in his work, it helps to see him at work, to see the everyday clutter and mess (and, in this case, mosquitoes) that he somehow manages to leave out when he captures reality with his lens and turns it into fine art.

We’re here in particular to admire a spanking shot, but first let’s meet the models. Here’s Ellie Lane:

She’ll be giving the spanking. Receiving will be a model who goes by the name of Acid Pop Tart:

And together, they and Kevin made this:

If you are interested in Kevin’s work, please visit the Red Generation website.