Private Contact

Very occasionally, someone may wish or need to contact me privately for offline discussion. This page exists to facilitate that: just leave a contact request as a comment on this page (or anywhere on the site) and I will consider creating a dedicated, password-protected page on which you can talk to me offline. Please state your desired password in your request.

This is not intended to solicit or invite contact with me as a ‘pen-pal’: requests will only be granted if I think they are, or are likely to be, bona fide, and where there is a legitimate reason for talking privately; vague, frivolous or uncivil requests will be ignored. All comments made here, whether or not they lead to contact, will be treated as not for publication.

If your name or handle appears below, click on the link to go to your contact page. Pages will disappear if there has been no contact for some time (not less than one month), on the assumption that you have chosen to discontinue the correspondence; but the page will be archived and can be reactivated at any time should you request it.

However, for the vast majority of this site’s readers, there is nothing to see here. Please don’t abuse the facility.