This is the boring but necessary part of the site that explains the principles I follow and the etiquette I ask of my readers.

Content and Purpose

Spanking of adult and older teenage women was a widespread and popular trope in the twentieth century, and continues to appear in work created as we approach the middle decades of the twenty-first. The purpose of this site is to document and discuss this phenomenon.

My interest in the subject is complex. It has no political aspect whatsoever (a fuller disclaimer appears below), and, though it will be obvious that it does have a sexual dimension, that is really nobody’s business but my own. How a person responds to something, including sexually, does not define what it is or what it was created for, nor determine and delimit the ways in which it may be culturally or artistically interesting. And that makes it important to say one thing very clearly:

This is not a porn site.

The material I curate and discuss here may often be risqué or raunchy, but it is not pornography (which, personally, I dislike). On the contrary, it was created for the world at large, rather than specifically for people with a spanking fetish. Material that originated in the spanking subculture will occasionally crop up, but only as an ancillary element, and only ever in order to make a point, not as an object of interest in its own right. I will not write primarily about anything that doesn’t have a prior existence in the real world, and (unlike some other websites which appropriate and repurpose mainstream images for fetishistic use) I aim always to respect the original integrity of the material by presenting it in its real-world context, as far as I am able to describe that; I don’t actively seek to sexualize it (beyond whatever may be there already), but I also don’t deny that it can nevertheless elicit a sexual response.


The pictorial material reproduced on this site was not originated by me, and does not belong to me, but is presented in accordance with the principle of ‘fair use’. To quote Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976:

Allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Here I write about a subject, and I illustrate it with relevant visual quotations, attributed to the best of my knowledge and ability. This is covered by the term ‘criticism’ and ‘comment’, and some readers have also been kind enough to classify the articles as ‘scholarship’. The site is created purely for interest and enthusiasm; I make no money out of it and will never attempt to do so.

As for the text, it is written by me and, other than for ‘fair use’, may not be reproduced without my permission.

I admire and respect the creators of material presented here. Should anyone with a legitimate proprietary interest have a problem with it, please just say and it will be resolved.

(NB From time to time, regrettably, the site receives comments that are malicious, vexatious and deceitful. I would not wish anyone with a bona fide problem to be mistaken for one of these scammers, so specific, accurate information would be helpful. Messages that are rude, peremptory or threatening are more likely to be ignored.)


Nothing that appears on this site is deemed to be private: with the exception of some historic content, anyone could have found the material on publicly accessible sites by asking the right questions. What people do privately (for example, in their own bedrooms) is their own business and nobody else’s, unless they themselves choose to make it public. What they do in public, or make public, of their own volition, may legitimately be reported. The reporting here is intended to be fair and without misrepresentation; this does not necessarily mean it will always be uncritical, and obviously it will reflect the subject bias of the site. Please take everything in the spirit intended, which is sometimes playful but always respectful.

Since I am trying to describe the material accurately and on its own terms, my preference is that all work should be appropriately credited: if you enjoy a piece of work, you ought to honor those who created it. However, I acknowledge the existence of other viewpoints on this issue, and I recognize the possibility that developments in social media may have created a shift in attitudes, so I choose to give only selective credits for recent amateur theatrical productions. But if any content creator who has not been credited feels they should be, or conversely if anyone would like their name to be removed from the site, please just ask.


What I write about here – stories, pictures, acting performances – are all created things. This produces an interesting paradox. Giving a naughty girl a spanking is a kind of rebuke, but the performer who embodies the naughty girl is worthy, if her work gives pleasure, of our respect. Always differentiate between the actress or model and the role she plays: honor the one even as you enjoy seeing the other get her comeuppance!

Political and Social Beliefs

This site does not promote abuse or misogyny, and I do not wish it to be misunderstood as doing so. Although I derive pleasure from imagery and stories that show naughty girls being spanked, I’m not socially conservative, I don’t advocate spanking as a method of discipline and I don’t condone violence against women (or against anyone, for that matter). Rule One for anybody with a powerful interest in a subject, especially any subject that has a possible sexual dimension, is to know the difference between real life and fantasy, and not to bring the latter into the former. As it happens, there’s plenty there already, as this site will show, but nobody should ever allow their private sexual peculiarities to be the defining factor in their ideas about the kind of society they would like to live in. The byways of history are full of unpleasant stories about unpleasant men who didn’t follow that golden rule, and manufactured pretexts to spank real and unwilling women, often abusing positions of authority and trust in order to do so; many of them were, rightly, prosecuted for it.


This site does not feature men or children being spanked. In both cases this reflects my complete lack of interest in that aspect of the subject, and in the latter case it is also because I don’t wish to (and have a legal and moral obligation not to) encourage anyone to take any kind of sexual interest in children.

The site isn’t for everybody, but please don’t suppose that its emphasis on the straight male viewpoint (or a mildly kinky inflection thereof) implies that alternatives aren’t equally valid. The only invalid approaches to life in a free and plural society are the ones that seek to erect their own monoliths and demolish all others.


The site features some nudity, more in the line of ‘What the Butler Saw’ than ‘What the Gynecologist Saw’; but – unlike many others with an interest in the subject – I personally find that nudity always makes a spanking scene less interesting, so it doesn’t predominate. And, in any event, nudity is a great deal less commonplace in the ‘mainstream’ material that is this site’s subject matter than it is in material created specifically for spanking fetishists. Anyone wanting to see mainly bare bottom spankings will be much better catered for elsewhere.


A lot of rot is often talked online about some websites ‘poaching’ or ‘pilfering’ pictures from others. I find it regrettable that some people behave so obsessively about this, not least because of the needless distress they inflict on themselves. I would like the issue to be approached with a bit less narcissism and lot more sanity.

From what I have already said, it will be obvious that I hold it to be a matter of fundamental principle that the creators and original context of any piece of work are immeasurably more important than anyone who may discover or circulate that work, or the use to which the work is subsequently put.

It is in the nature of the internet that anything published in an easily saveable form may potentially be circulated further. That is good: it increases the opportunity for the material to be seen by people who would be interested in it. It is also inevitable that, after a while, people will forget where they found a particular item, and may later republish it without reference to its intermediate source: that is only natural, and not something to be deprecated with pejorative terms like ‘piracy’. It is, however, desirable for the original creator of material to be acknowledged wherever possible, on the principle that attributed quotation is not theft, and is the basis of ‘fair use’.

What is opprobrious is the trouble some people take to suppress contextual information about work they present, in an effort to establish their own sites as the origin of that material, rather than an intermediary. Some even seem to imagine that the fact of their having found it, or owning a physical copy of it, gives them proprietary rights over it in perpetuity. It doesn’t. In saying that, I don’t mean in any way to belittle the effort of research that goes into finding material, sometimes by intelligently winkling it out of an online archive; but anyone who puts their own name on a piece of content created by somebody else, and then suppresses all information about the creator and context, is, in effect, poaching, pirating, stealing it. Moreover, such actions effectively negate any value their research effort might have, by forcing anyone interested in the original context to do that research all over again.

I dare say a lot of people do come here mainly for the pictorial content, but even so, this is not a mere picture blog dedicated to showing ‘finds’ and claiming credit for them. Often the material will have been discovered by me, even though sometimes another researcher may have also discovered it independently: people with similar interests looking in the same archives will often find the same things, and it’s a myth that any one site always publishes material first. But anyway, why should this be some kind of competition or race?

So it is a little irritating (and indeed dispiriting) to read, on another specialist site, the jealous and untruthful assertion that most of the visual content here has been sourced from that site, rather than found through my own painstaking online and offline research. Such claims are defamatory – or would be, if the matter were not so petty and trivial, which is why I’m sorry (and slightly embarrassed) that I feel the need to labor the point here.  In other words, don’t mind me, but do mind this:

I always take care to present material in its proper original context, and avoid imposing my own fantasies on it or attributing imaginary thoughts and feelings to the participants. I never simply reproduce material without adding something relevant of my own, to wit, the text of my articles. I would hope that anyone reusing material found here might want to follow the same principles, rather than simply putting it in a ‘gallery’ or inviting others to praise them for having found it (by oh so cleverly looking on a niche website dealing with the same subject). Whatever people may choose to do with it, I can’t stop them, though I would consider it impolite if the material were republished without the available credit to its creator, or without allowing it a decent ‘first run’ here.  Beyond that, circulation is good, so long as you always respect the creators without whom the material would not exist in the first place.


Most readers of this site will already have an interest in spanking and so will, in all likelihood, already be familiar with the terminology of its subculture. For those who may not, here is a glossary of a few terms that will frequently be used:

Mainstream: material produced for a general audience rather than specifically and exclusively for the gratification of spanking fetishists; in fact, the main subject matter of this site.

M/F: male spanks female. There is also F/F, not to mention other permutations. If any letter appears in lower case (such as M/f), then on this site it will almost certainly be a typo, and should you encounter it elsewhere you might want to consider getting out of there fast, because in this context lower case denotes ‘under age’.

OTK: over the knee. The position in which the girl is ordinarily placed to be spanked, face down across the spanker’s lap.

OTS: over the shoulder. Usually for carrying, but occasionally for spanking too.

‘Lois Lane’ position: the spanker goes down on one knee and puts the girl over the other, as famously done by Superman to Lois Lane (see here).

SLB: sous le bras (under the arm), especially common in France; see here.

Spanking and Smacking: Not every slap on the bottom is properly described with the word spanking, which refers to a more formal event in which the girl is put into a special position (usually OTK) to receive a series of slaps. The distinction between smacking and spanking is discussed at greater length here.

Vanilla: see Mainstream. And also see here.


People who have helped significantly with particular articles are acknowledged there, but for help across the board I would like to thank Maitrefesseur, Will, Dean and Chris, all of whom have brought a lot of material to my attention that I would not otherwise have known about; Maitrefesseur has also assisted with technical matters beyond my competence.

The opinions expressed in the articles are mine, and while I hope many others will agree with them, nobody else is responsible for them.


My name is Harry. If you would like to contact me, please use this site’s ‘comments’ facility in the first instance; if you don’t want your message to appear online, just mark it ‘not for publication’. (Comments are not published ‘automatically’, but moderated to filter out the offensive, the irrelevant and the idiotic.) I’ll respond as appropriate to bona fide messages; but I won’t usually respond to vague requests for offline contact, nor to anything that is uncivil or threatening. I do not ordinarily enter into email correspondence with people I don’t already know, but there is a facility to contact me privately through the website.

One other point: I am only human. I strive for complete accuracy, but may occasionally not achieve it. I will gladly make factual corrections if asked to do so, so long as the corrections are specified and can be verified.

And Finally…

If you feel that on this page I’ve been telling you, at length, how to suck eggs, then you can have my apologies – so long as you also take it from me that, regrettably, there are plenty of other people out there who really do need to be told!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sir T says:

    Is the picture above “Vanilla Spanking” from Sir Frederick Ashton’s masterpiece, “La Fille mal gardée”, or is there possibly another classic ballet that contains spanking?


    • Harry says:

      The answers to your two questions are ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. The image is from the splendid 2014 production of Fille by the Mikhailovsky Theater, St Petersburg, in which Angelina Vorontsova was memorably spanked; many more pictures may be found in this site’s roundup of Fille performances that year. There are several other ballets with spanking scenes, and again you will find them on this site.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tony Conrad says:

    I like the word vanilla spanking. I am so fed up with things drifting into bdsm and punishment. I do like spanking and we have plenty of it in our marriage but I wouldn’t say we are into bdsm.


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