General Index

This is a simple general index of the various subjects of articles on this site. Stage plays and photographers, however, are covered on their own separate index pages.


Chase and Sanborn coffee (1952)

Coco de Mer (2015 campaign)

God Hand (2006 video game promo)

Honey Birdette (2017 Christmas campaign)

Lynx deodorant (2005 Lynx Jet campaign)

‘Sexist adverts’

Spanked E-Liquid (2015 campaign)


ADW (Dublin graffiti artist)

Memo Angeles

Barbarella (comic strip)

Massimo Bonfatti

Rudolf Brancovsky

Fred le Chevalier

Christmas sweater

Fred le Corbeau

Alain Day

Derivative Artwork

Dolls and Action Figures

Doron Porat Erez

Elsa Fabrega: En Cas de Chaleur fans

Eroticism and its Avoidance in Mainstream Spanking Imagery

Denver Gillen

Danny Hellman

Chéri Hérouard

Homework (Galerie La Femme, Prague)

Richard Hook

Patrick Jannin

Ketsu Bat Girl

Dick Kulpa

Don Lawrence

Amos Madruga

David Marshall

Marie Meler

Walter Minus

Modern Art

Hal Money

Aneke Murillenem

Antonio Nuvoli

Thomas Plauborg

Theodore Psychoyos

Luo Qing

Romance comics


Ivan Sarnago

Arthur Sarnoff

Harry Schaare

Jim Scribner

Sveta Shubina

Henry N. Smith

Sofles and Deb

Derek Tall


Sherwin Tjia

Holly Turner

Wacky Raceland

Bill Ward

Wedding Cake Figurines

Richard F. Williams

Michael Zug


Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edmund Crispin

Berkeley Gray, Dare-Devil Conquest (1950)

Zane Grey

Historical romance novels

Hank Janson, Hell of a Dame (1960)

Jack Monmouth, Lonely, Lovely Lady (1956)

Romance novels

Robert Louis Stevenson, The Black Arrow (1888)

Burlesque and Variety Performances

Alexa Ink

Back to School (2012)

Bad Maid Betty (2012)

Bettie Bondage (2015)

Big Hits (2012)

The Can Can

Christmas in July (Coney Island, 2014)

Fifty Shades of Grey parodies

Flaunt Girls (South Dakota)

GirlSchool (Australia, 1990s)

Hody Hody Doprovody (Prague)

Klaw Mark Kittens (Michigan)

Male Strippers

Master and Servant (2015)

The Mr and Mrs Clark Medicine Show by Gareth Clark and Marega Palser (2011)

Morgan LaRue and Aurora Natrix (Bettie Page Tribute Act)

Red Riding Hood (Dallas, 2013)

Estresados (Mexico, 2015-16)

Stripalot (Indianapolis, 2014)


L’Amour n’est pas un Pêché (1952)

Arroz con Leche (1950)

Associés Contre le Crime (2012)

Boochamma Boochodu (2014)

Britannia of Billingsgate (1933)

Clara Bow (1920s)

The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941)

Carry On films: Carry On Cruising (1962); Carry On Girls (1973)

The Cave Man (1926)

Cave of Outlaws (1951)

Comrade X (1940)

Cul de Sac (1966)

Dance of the Vampires (1967)

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Danish Bawdy Comedies

Linda Darnell

The Desert Hawk (1950)

Dos Pistolas Gemelas (1966)

The Duke Wore Jeans (1958)

Britt Ekland

Exchange of Wives (1925)

The Fabulous Senorita (1952)

Fifty Shades of Black (2016)

Filming Spanking Scenes

Flapper Movies

Getting Gertie’s Garter (1945)

Girl Shy (1924)

Die Goldene Rute (2018): preproduction publicity; production

The Great Profile (1940)

Hard to Get (1938)

Her Favourite Husband (1949)

O Homem que Desafiou o Diablou (2007)

Honza Malem Kralem (1977)

Norman Houston Westerns

I Live My Life (1935)

Immer die Mädchen (1959)

Justine (1969)

Det kære legetøj (1968)

Der Keusche Josef (1953)

Kiss Me Kate (1953) and its poster

Kya Kehna (2000)

Look for the Silver Lining (1949)

Made in Hungaria (2009)

Martha (1967)

Le Masque de Fer (1962)

Menstra Psi Kill (2016)

Missing and Wrongly Reported Spanking Scenes

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

North West Mounted Police (1940)

Maureen O’Hara

On Moonlight Bay (1951)

Ostre Sledovane Vlaky (1966)

Park Plaza 605 (1953)

Postriziny (1980)

Public Deb No. 1 (1940)

Publicity still spankings

Punnami Nagu (2009)

Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

Rektor på Sengekanten (1972)

The Romantic Age (1949)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

So This Is New York (1948)

Son of Robin Hood (1958)

Spanking Devils (2008)

Stronger than Desire (1939)

Tag der Teufel (2007)

Takt og Tone i Himmelsengen, a.k.a. How to Catch a Man (1972)

The Taming of the Shrew (1967)


The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1976)

John Wayne


When Strangers Marry (1933)

Pinky Wolfson Comedies

Language and Philosophy


Public art v. private fetish

Terminology: ‘smacking’ and ‘spanking’

Vanilla Spanking


Backstage spanking (Most, 2016)

Bathoryckina Festival (Cachtice, Slovakia): general article; 2015 update


Candid photography; also with statues

‘Caveman’ spanking

Cosplay, more Cosplay and even more Cosplay

Deres (Slovakian tourist attraction)

Doutzen Kroes (2015)

European spanking habits: skirts and no skirts


Fessée Challenge

France 2012 Poll

Fricassée (Provençal folk dance)

Full Disclosure (Chicago podcast and stage show)

‘Gender Confusion’ Spanking

Historical Reenactment

Hungarian Championship Wrestling

Knoebels Amusement Resort (Elysburg, Pennsylvania)


No Pants Subway Ride: 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018


Obscene Extreme Festival


Panty Spanking (mainstream); also in Germany and Austria and the rest of continental Europe



Professional Wrestling

Roberta Eike

Romantic relationships

Sandra Hilder

Santa Claus: Photobooths; Santa Have Mercy music video; Santa Spanks the Naughty Vampire Girl; sexual politics; Santa’s journeys in 2011, 20142015, 2016

Schuhplattler (German folk dance)

‘Sous le bras’ (under the arm) spanking

Spanking porn (critique)

Spring customs





Are Thongs Comfortable? by Taversia (2016)

Army of Lovers

Miley Cyrus

Dirty with a Southern Drawl by Jesse and Noah (2010)

Doin’ It by John Paul Ospina (2015)

Donna Nye: Santa Spanks the Naughty Vampire Girl (Ashland, Pennsylvania, December 21, 2013)

Dostaniesz Klapsa by Finsky (2011)

La Fessée by Georges Brassens (1966)

I Mana Mou Me Dernei (Mama Spanks) by Nana Mouskouri

Lay Your Love On Me by BWO (2008)

Like a Bad Girl Should by the Cramps (1997)

Love Sex Magic by Ciara (2009)

Madonna: general survey; 2015-16 Rebel Heart Tour

Kylie Minogue

Julia Palombe

Valesca Popozuda

Rock Concerts

Rock’n’Roll Princess by the Tony Marlow Trio (2016)

Santa Have Mercy by Calico (2013)

Santa Skipped My House by Rio and the Rockabilly Revival (2015)

6 of the Best by the She Rocola Six (2013)

So Close by Piss Ant (2012)

Spank the Band

Spanks the Band

Spanky by Pique-aboo (2013)

Tak Jak by Fru Fru (2016)

V jednym dumku na Zarubku


Big Bang Boom Cabaret (Orlando, Florida, since 2011)

Chameleon Nightclub (Southend-on-Sea, England)

FreQ (Providence, Rhode Island, 2012-14)

Love (Broadbeach, Queensland, since 2005)

Noir Fetish Ball (Vancouver, 2011-16)

Reform School (Phoenix, Arizona, 2012-14)

Ritual (Atlanta, Georgia)

School Disco (London, 1999-2011)

Sin City Fetish Night (Vancouver, since 2001)

TRASH! (New York, 2003-14)


Vicky Davila (political journalist, Colombia)

Governor Hoff spanks Representative Collins, 1966

Illiberal Politics

Cartoons and Satire: France; Brazil; Europe; USA

‘Spankathon’ Protest (Manchester, UK, March 1, 2015)


Toxic Feminism (as distinct from the feminism that stands for common decency)


The Avengers (1961-69; episode: How to Succeed… At Murder, 1966)

Big Brother (general, and Brazil, 2009)

The Big Valley (1965-69; episode: The Brawlers, 1965)

Brazilian Telenovelas

Deres (Slovakia, from 1999)

Doctor Who: Sarah Jane Smith (1973-2011); spin-off novels

Floris (1969 and 1975)

Gideon’s Way (1965)

I Spy (1966)

Land of the Giants (1968-70)

Laura and the Jacques (1967)

Made in Sweden for Export (1975)

Magyar népmesék (Hungarian Folk Tales; 1977-2012; episode: Szusza, 2002)

Me and the Girls (1985)

Mel and Sue (2015)

The Needy Kingdom (1979)

One of Us (1957)

Please, Sir! (1968-72; episode: Student Princess, 1968)

A Praça é Nossa (Brazil)

Regular Characters

Romany Jones (1973-74)

The Saint (1962-69): The Checkered Flag (1965)

The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1956; episode: The Farmer’s Boy)

Sturm der Liebe (German soap opera)

Swedish Idol (2015 series)

Tri Pradleny (1967 & 1984)

The Two Ronnies (1980)


Amy Anderson: Being Spanked by Brad Pitt (2011)

Bello (2017)

Emily Hartridge’s Ten Reasons Why: She’s a Bad Girl (June 2013); Bottoms are Awesome (September 2013)

Fauve Hautot: Tam-Tam Fesses (2011-14)

The Key of Awesome: Monster (2011)

Morgan LaRue and Aurora Natrix: Bad Maid Betty (2014)

No Pie for You (2013)

The Slap (2014)

Elle Alexandra and Charlotte Stokely: Toys for Tots Charity Appeal (2014)

Trixi Teremi: various performances (2012)

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