General Index

This is a simple general index of the miscellaneous subjects of articles on this site. There are separate index pages for photographers, art (including cartoons and comics), stage plays, music and performance and movies, television and videos.


Axe men’s grooming social events (South Africa)


Chase and Sanborn coffee (1952)

The Chive (2020 Christmas Collection)

Coco de Mer (2015 campaign)

Diesel (2012 campaign)

God Hand (2006 video game promo)

Gucci (2003 campaign)

Honey Birdette (2017 Christmas campaign)

Lillefrekke (Norway)

Lynx deodorant (2005 Lynx Jet campaign)

Noir Leather (Detroit)

‘Sexist adverts’

Spanked E-Liquid (2015 campaign)

Books and Authors

Saul Bellow, Dangling Man (1944)

Anthony Berkeley, The Wychford Poisoning Case (1926)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edmund Crispin

Marian Gallaway, Constructing a Play (1950)

Berkeley Gray, Dare-Devil Conquest (1950)

Zane Grey

Historical romance novels

Hank Janson, Hell of a Dame (1960)

Jack Monmouth, Lonely, Lovely Lady (1956)

Romance novels

H. L. Saily’s Vampire novels

Robert Louis Stevenson, The Black Arrow (1888)

Dare Wright, The Lonely Doll (1957)

Characters and Personages


Beauty Queens

Bernie Brewer (Milwaukee Brewers baseball team mascot)



Cats (including Catwoman)





Doutzen Kroes (2015)

Masterful Television Heroes


Mothers and Fathers and the associated problems


The Saint, Simon Templar

Santa Claus: history; Photobooths; Santa Baby promo (Bruno); Santa Have Mercy music video; Santa Skipped My House music videoSanta Spanks the Naughty Vampire Girl; sexual politics; Santa’s journeys in 2009, 2010, 2011, 201220142015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Secretaries; also in spicy cartoons and in recent times


Spoiled Heiresses (two-part article)




Women Drivers; also in spicy cartoons

Events and Festivals

Bathoryckina Festival (Cachtice, Slovakia): general article; 2015 update

No Pants Subway Ride: 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019; 2020; no event in 2021

Obscene Extreme Festival


Photoshoot (Scheveningen, 2011)

Rock Concerts


Folk Customs

Deres (Slovakian tourist attraction)

Fricassée (Provençal folk dance)



Pomlazka and other spring customs; roundup from 2019; the pandemic of 2020 and 2021; also onstage in 2018

Schuhplattler (German folk dance)


Abelard and Heloise (12th century)

‘Caveman’ spanking

Betty Ann Colapietro (1949)

Roberta Eike (1956)


French Revolution

Sandra Hilder (1967)

Newspaper Correspondence (Troy, NY, 1951)


Pre-1920 spanking: punishment and kink

Queen Victoria and the Boer War


Texas Garment Workers’ Strike (1935)

Imagery and Narrative

The British class system

Changing norms in spanking scenes: punishment and sex-play


European spanking: skirts and no skirts


‘Gender Confusion’ Spanking

Handover: parental to matrimonial

Historical settings: antiquity and earlier, medieval, early and later modern

Implement Spanking: cultural and practical rationale; improvised implements, including domestic and outdoor objects, and also clothing and accoutrements; hairbrushes (also on screen); principles of selection; purpose-built implements

Modern stories: making erotica; punishment enjoyed; sexual misunderstandings by participants and observers

Panty Spanking (mainstream); life versus media; unexpected and deliberate panty exposure; also in Germany and Austria and the rest of continental Europe

Raised-skirt spankings in historical settings, and the risk of underwear anachronism, both contemporary and period

Red Bottoms and non-literal alternatives

Science Fiction

‘Sous le bras’ (under the arm) spanking

Spanking porn (critique)


Time Travel

‘Too Old to be Spanked’

World Cultures

‘You Wouldn’t Dare’

Language and Philosophy

Consensus v. Consent (in relation to the cultural change from the mid-20th century to now)


Nonliteral Spanking

‘Old-fashioned spanking’ (phrase)

Public art v. private fetish

Terminology: ‘smacking’ and ‘spanking’

Universalizing Spanking

Vanilla Spanking

Nightclubs and Other Venues

Bad Dog (Sydney)

Big Bang Boom Cabaret (Orlando, Florida, since 2011)

Boudoir Bizarre (Amsterdam, since 2005)

Chameleon Nightclub (Southend-on-Sea, England)

Club Area 51 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

FreQ (Providence, Rhode Island, 2012-14)

Knoebels Amusement Resort (Elysburg, Pennsylvania)

Love (Broadbeach, Queensland, since 2005)

Noir Fetish Ball (Vancouver, 2011-16)

Reform School (Phoenix, Arizona, 2012-14)

Ritual (Atlanta, Georgia)

School Disco (London, 1999-2011)

Sin City Fetish Night (Vancouver, since 2001)

TRASH! (New York, 2003-14)

Uniun (Toronto)


Censorship: the Lord Chamberlain

Vicky Davila (political journalist, Colombia)

FEMEN Sexual Harassment Protest (Kiev, Ukraine, November 16, 2009; four-part article)

Bobbi Fiedler tests the school paddle (1979)

Governor Hoff spanks Representative Collins (1966)

Illiberal Politics

Liberal Values and Compromise

Satire and Cartoons: France; Brazil; Europe; USA

‘Spankathon’ Protest (Manchester, UK, March 1, 2015)

Spanking Phobia

Toxic Feminism (as distinct from the feminism that stands for common decency): Santa Claus; Kiss Me Kate; Female Masochism

Social Behavior


Backstage spanking (Most, 2016)

Candid photography; also with statues

Cosplay, more Cosplay, even more Cosplay, and, yes, Cosplay again

Disliking spanking scenes

Female spanking fantasy in fiction and fact

Fessée Challenge

France 2012 Poll

Fun spanking

Historical Reenactment



Romantic relationships


School spanking: controversial and playful

Selfie photography

Weddings: Games in Eastern Europe; Czech Republic, 2019

2 thoughts on “General Index

  1. Lisa Tep says:

    I recently followed a link to your page that showed a girl in a ballet tutu getting spanked on her panties while standing on a stairway. The movie was “Die..(something) Manchen” or something like that. Can you point me to the page where you discussed that?

    Love the site!!!



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