Photographer of the Week: Christina Ramsey

In 2010, the photographer and rock drummer Christina Ramsey, seen here channeling her inner Daisy Mae, founded Howdy Girl Studios in her native Orlando. She built the business on her love of vintage imagery, aiming to bring out what she calls ‘vintage beauty’ in her clients. We can illustrate that with four of the clients in question, through her lenses and others. All of them will become relevant to our particular interest.

Here’s Ria Fredericks:

Heels Angel, sporting three different hair colors and at least two different panty colors:

Bonnie Belvedere:

And finally, Bad Lisa Anne:

But before we see them go to work on each other, let’s take a look at something Howdy Girl ran for a charity event in 2014: a kissing and spanking booth, staffed by pinup girls!

Now obviously one of those things is a bit more interesting to watch than the other…

even though it isn’t actually spanking in the strictest sense of the word.

Don’t worry, though, because Christina is enough of a vintage enthusiast to know what a real spanking looks like. Here’s Bad Lisa Anne demonstrating on Heels Angel:

But if Heels is an Angel, why is she the one being spanked? And by Bad Lisa, of all people! So maybe some turnabout is in order, even though Heels can’t now sit down to do it properly:

Bonnie and Ria are next up, but this time the spanking equation only goes one way, from Ria’s palm to Bonnie’s bottom:

Howdy Girl Studios came to an end in 2016 when Christina moved to Austin, and since then she seems to have concentrated more on her drumming than her photography, so sadly there’s no longer a website for you to visit if you’re interested. But it was fun while it lasted!

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