The Schooling of the Shrew, Part 3: Indian Summer?

Take a look at school Shrew spanking in 1973 and you’d think it was going strong. Look again in 1974 and it would appear to be dying out. In 1975 and 1976, it looked dead: to date, not a single photograph has come to light from those years. But in 1977 it jerked back to full, healthy and ongoing life, with examples available from every succeeding year through the middle of the 1980s.

1977 began January 28-29 at Ballard High School in Seattle:

At Clover Park High School, Tacoma, Washington:

But it wasn’t all SLB. At Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Rob Fries put Mary Ellen Duffy across his knee:

And Roger Medanich did likewise to Mary Claire Samuell at Pecos High School, Texas, on April 12:

On to 1978, and on March 31: Mercedes High School, Texas, saw this scene between Jody Winston and Honei Dieu Bussberg:

In the Fall, at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School, Riverview, Michigan, Rob Bovitz spanked Robin Stanko:

And on October 12, Campbell Memorial High School, Ohio, Mark Libertin did the same to Julie Marinkovitch:

The pace wasn’t sustained in 1979, but at Frontier High School, Hamburg, New York, Petruchio kept his hand in and Kate kept her end up:

In 1980, Bill Ennis spanked Debbie Smith at Yoakum High School, Texas:

And from Alice High School, Texas, we have video evidence which tells us what the acting must have been like from many of these high school Petruchios. Though if it also tells us what the spankings were like, who’s complaining?

In 1981, there was a significant production in April at Holliday High School, Texas. Kay Lucy rewrote Shakespeare’s script as a Western set in ‘Italy, Texas’, and featuring a splendid spanking administered by John Dyer to Kristi Lucy (surely some relation):

Still in Texas for 1982, the students of Lorenzo High School had this to offer:

In 1983, Cincinnati Country Day School, Ohio, featured the first known interracial Shrew spanking with a black Petruchio, Richard Genece, who spanked Brooke Bobbitt:

And on March 19-29, 1984, it’s back to Holliday High School, Texas, where the Kay Lucy Western adaptation got another production, this time with Darin Hawley and Roberta Shawver:

Another flurry of spanking activity enlivened 1985. At Lyndon Baines Johnson High School, Johnson City, Texas, Bill Harris spanked Jennifer Hobbs:

At Oak Lawn Community High School, Illinois:

And at Stevenson High School:

Will the school Shrew spanking phenomenon make it to the end of the twentieth century? The next part of this article will tell!

Photographer of the Week: Brandy Chase


‘A photo is a poem written without words,’ says award-winning Brandy Chase of Jackson, Michigan, whose firm, Put a Smile In It Photography, specializes in vintage-style pinup pictures.

‘What I want people to know about pin-up is that it’s not something that’s dirty. You can have photos with all of your clothes on and still look beautiful.

‘It’s about making women feel empowered by their beauty, no matter what their size is.’

Her great inspiration was her grandmother, June Robertson, who taught her how to be ladylike, and was a 1940s pin-up girl in her youth. Now Brandy strives to recreate what she calls ‘an old Hollywood kind of glamor’ in her work.

Sometimes it’s combined with a slightly newer kind of retro.

The pictures we’re mainly going to enjoy today were taken in the runup to the holiday season in 2015. Miss Amber Rae and her husband, Sam Dick wanted some Christmas cards in a ‘vintage glamor’ style, and Brandy obliged. The story begins with Fifties housewife Amber neglecting her duties.

Fifties hubby Dick isn’t too pleased with that.

And we all know how this kind of story ends up – in the retro Fifties, at least.

Brandy was so pleased with the photo that it was later used, flipped and cropped, as a magazine cover.

And she also used the same set again – for naughty Candy Blondell’s encounter with Santa!

If you are interested in Brandy’s work, put a smile on your face by visiting her website.

Todd’s Heroes

Mort Todd publishes comics on the internet – and what comics they are!

He used to edit Cracked magazine, one of the satirical titles launched to emulate the success of Mad, and that partly defines his style and approach: a love for the classic comics of yesteryear, from Archie to superheroes and from Charlton romances to weird horror, but done with a wry sense of humor.

Let’s stick with the superheroes, dispensing swift justice to wrongdoers everywhere. Comics history is full of them. Batman…


Captain Marvel…

The Phantom…

The Thing…

Wonder Woman…

Sometimes they only facilitate justice rather than administering it themselves:

And Mary Marvel has been known to take a different line:

Classic adventures have been recycled in the present century…

… occasionally by fan artists whose work may not be addressed to an entirely mainstream audience:

Even modern superheroes spank:

Though occasionally it’s the heroines themselves who get spanked:

Often they band together into groups, like the Justice League of America or the Fantastic Four:

Or indeed the Inferior Five, as here reimagined by Jim Scribner:

And that brings us into a slightly different world. The superhero genre is easy to spoof, with its exaggerated masculinity…

Megaton Man

and its heroes with niche ‘special powers’, like the Punisher here:

And this isn’t just a self-consciously sophisticated postmodern phenomenon. The original goofy superhero was Plastic Man, created in 1941, whose endlessly flexible body made multitasking a cinch, even when there were two crooks to deck and a bad girl to spank:

Plastic Man

There are a number of strands here that are relevant to Mort Todd. His wacky band of heroes are called the Secret Society, whose ranks include such curious individuals as Eddie Crossfire (the living skeleton), Hourglass (the mistress of time) and Pig-Man (self-explanatory). There’s also Lucy Hell, alias Devilgirl, whose secret origin (all superheroes must have a secret origin) involves her death in a traffic accident caused by a drunken driver who just happened to be the Devil.

Mort Todd 2

And then there’s Rubbergirl, a Swedish singer whose endlessly flexible body might just possibly remind you of another goofy superhero created in the 1940s…

Rubbergirl’s adventures included an interesting encounter with the Krampus, which applied precise logic to the fiendish creature’s reputation as the antithesis of Santa. For if Santa rewards good girls and spanks bad ones, what does the Krampus do to the good ones?

Mort Todd 3

But there’s more to Mort Todd than super superheroes. In 2013, he perpetrated an April Fool’s Day hoax about the discovery of a cache of hitherto unknown golden age comic books from the 1940s and 50s, all published by Zeus Comics, an imprint that was not only completely fictitious but also entirely unconnected with the Dallas comics retail business of the same name. These imaginary comics included a lot of material that was nearer the knuckle than perhaps you might expect for that era:

The title says it all!

This was actually part of a satire on the kind of comic book censorship that will forever be associated with the name of Wertham, and the portfolio was also illustrated with faux-photos of comic burnings and government propaganda. One title even demanded…

Burn this COmic

And if you look closely at the bottom left, you’ll see that an especially pleasing panel has been chosen to illustrate the genre of Humor. It’s supposedly the final panel of a story in that same teen humor comic book we’ve already seen, Stiffie, about Principal Letcher of Fulchester High, and what happens when one of the teachers, Miss Von Wank, loses a bet. Here it is in all its glory:

If you are interested in Mort Todd’s comics, please visit his website.

There Isn’t a Spanking Scene in… Don Pasquale

For some reason, comic, romantic operas from the first half of the 19th century have a pretty good track record of having unscripted spankings added in modern productions. (See here, here and here for examples.) So I had reasonable grounds for optimism when I read that in the New York Metropolitan Opera’s 2012 production of Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore (1832) there was a scene in which the lovelorn peasant Nemorino (Vittorio Grigolo) puts aside his shyness and spanks his proud and disdainful beloved, the landowner Adina (Aleksandra Kursak).

Some hopes are misplaced. The Met’s so-called ‘spanking’ actually only amounts to the following:

And though it’s never unwelcome, a smacked bottom is not the same as a spanking, which you might well feel could justifiably be interpolated into this particular story. Never mind, let’s enjoy the video for what it offers:

And also never mind because there’s another production of a different opera by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) which has a firmer claim on our attention: Don Pasquale (1843).

The title character is a rich old man who perversely decides to marry in order to beget an heir and thereby disinherit his nephew Ernesto. Immediately after the wedding, the supposedly submissive bride Norina turns out to be a shrew. Fortunately for all concerned, the marriage ultimately turns out to be a trick by Ernesto to teach his uncle a lesson, and all ends happily.

The production that brings the opera to our attention was directed in 2009 by Rares Zaharia at the Romanian National Opera, Bucharest, premiering on May 30. The setting was updated to Hollywood of the Silent Era, with Pasquale as a movie mogul. But an even more original aspect of the staging was the introduction of a completely new framing mise en scene.

Zaharia had noticed that Donizetti’s story has correspondences with the stock situations and characters of the traditional Italian commedia dell’arte: the foolish old Pantalone, the tricksy lover Arlecchino (better known in English as Harlequin) and his girl, beautiful Colombina. So he collaborated with the Romanian troupe Dell’Arte to put the opera ‘inside’ a commedia performance: during the overture, the commedia actors were seen preparing in their onstage dressing rooms, and they then brought on the singers who were to play the corresponding roles in the opera. The production then presented the two performances, opera and commedia, going on concurrently, singers in one and actors in the other, with the stories shadowing one another; to add to the complexity, the commedia sometimes turned into a film being made by Don Pasquale.

Obviously Pasquale is paralleled in the commedia strand by Pantalone, the latter played by Radu Craciun, and Norina by Colombina, a role split between Ana Craciun and Smaranda Gabudeanu. Here they both are, Ana first, then Smaranda:

And in costume as Colombina:

(Ana’s the one in color. She’s also the one in the upcoming spanking photographs.)

The fourth commedia character, Scapino, persuades Colombina to marry Pantalone so that he and Arlecchino can steal his money. Meanwhile, in the opera, Pasquale marries Norina and soon has cause to regret it, especially after discovering that she has made an adulterous assignation in the garden. As he furiously contemplates taking revenge on her, Pantalone, having discovered the theft of his money, drags Colombina onstage, puts her across his knee, raises her skirt and…

Don Pasquale at Bucharest National Opera 2009

So the spanking is both an actual incident in the commedia story and a projection of what Don Pasquale would like to do to Norina in the opera.

Luckily for Colombina, Scapino comes in and rescues her, but Don Pasquale is clearly still thinking about the spanking he is going to give Norina, played by Irina Iordachescu:

But luckily for her, everything is resolved before it comes to that!

Photographer of the Week: Sean

Sean, who’s based in Glasgow, Scotland, has been a photographer all his life, but describes the majority of his work as ‘boring’. Well, that’s his opinion, but it doesn’t apply to the pictures we’re looking at today!

Such was his boredom that he eventually gave up photography. But after ten years’ abstinence he decided to get back into it – and do something exciting this time!

He’s eager to try out many different styles, but his current portfolio is mainly glamor and nude shots.

His images are characteristically spare and uncluttered, with nothing in the composition to detract from the beauty of the model herself.

Here’s the model who helped Sean to earn his place in this series:

And here she is doing so:

If you are interested in Sean’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

Spankings Happen When You Holiday Naked

For nine Decembers from 2007 to 2015, one of the many diversions available off-Broadway in New York City was Naked Holidays, a bawdy revue on a seasonal theme in which the only thing that was modest was the costume budget.

There are certain risks involved in doing a nude holiday show, involving the possibility of being on a certain list. Because, let’s face it ladies, Santa isn’t going to let you off…

In fact, being onstage in a nude show might be considered to compound your naughtiness!

So you’d better watch out, ladies, because there’s no way around it: Santa’s going to spank you on your bare bottoms!

And you’d better not cry, because sometimes, as in the case of Sarah Schoofs, the results are nothing short of outstanding:

These excellent images were, of course, used to publicize the show. Whether any of the annual editions featured an actual onstage spanking sketch remains unknown, but here’s a smacked bottom from a Mexican wrestler Santa in the 2011 show:

Sadly, Naked Holidays was discontinued owing to an unfavorable arts climate in New York, but may yet be revived someday – good speed to them!

Kiss Me Kate: 1957

We begin with ‘a convincingly fiery Kate’ played by Gaye Lane at the University of Nevada, Reno, on March 22-23. Here she is getting a convincingly fiery spanking from Walter Anderson:

There’s no available picture from the next production, which ran a week later, March 28-30, but the news story that publicized it is irresistibly quotable:

‘How would you like to be spanked by a member of the University of Cincinnati’s football team? Well, that’s what happens to Sharon Sullivan in the UC Mummers’ Guild production of Kiss Me Kate. Sharon, who plays Kate, gets this sound trouncing from Dave Canary, the male lead and an end on the varsity football team.’

April 4 saw the opening of a production at Honolulu Community Theater in Hawaii, in which the noted singer Ed Kenney, still three years away from his first album, spanked both Harriet Yamasaki and Mildred Tolentino, who were alternating in the role of Lilli after the director couldn’t decide between them.

‘Choose your shrews’, said the local reviewer, adding ‘I would gladly play Petruchio myself to both those girls.’ According to him, Mildred was a more visceral, temperamental shrew and Harriet a sophisticated one, and our picture shows Harriet getting something rather unsophisticated:

And she got it a grand total of 13 times – with another 10 spankings going to Mildred, for the production ran for six weeks and 23 performances, closing on May 11.

In Illinois, the Little Theatre on the Square production ran July 25-28 and used this artwork in its publicity:

That’s not a drawing of Gordon Howard, the production’s Fred, spanking Jerili Little (who also happened to be the producer’s wife)…

… but we take what we can get!

For curiosity value alone, it’s worth recording a particularly unusual version of the musical performed at Binghamton, New York, in November… as a one-woman show!

No, Bea Solomon didn’t spank herself! The presentation concentrated on the songs, along with several ‘costume changes’ thanks to a four-in-one outfit, and it was all knitted together by her telling the story – so she did at least talk about being spanked.

The end of the year also saw the first production in Poland, with the Spewacks’ share of the royalties donated to Jewish relief work in that country – so Kiss Me Kate did good in the world…