Spanking on the Bare Skin

It is a fact that many people find tattoos unsightly. It is also a fact that many people who like to tattoo themselves belong to subcultures that aren’t entirely hostile to spanking.

The level of tattiness may vary from a discreet little monogram on the rear end…

to more extensive coverage:

And since some tatty people seem to like spanking imagery, it’s only natural that some of them are also willing to wear it – even occasionally on the most pertinent place!

Spanking tattoos vary widely in quality and approach. Some draw overtly on the lexicon of fetish imagery:

Some offer distinctive designs:

Others draw on commonplace spanking images that are easily sourced online. (If you don’t already know the originals, click here, here, here and here to see them.)

The first and last ones, respectively Jesus spanking Bettie Page and Batman spanking Marcia Monroe (with her face blacked out), are of course designs for tattoos rather than executed work, which illustrates an earlier stage in the process of body decoration. You’ll need a tattoo artist, who will likely be able to show you some designs before you actually take the plunge and allow the needle to insert some subcutaneous ink.

Some of these artists are quite distinguished in their medium, like the Parisian Frédéric Agid,

or, in a very different mode of stylization, the Brazilian Alisson Palaoro:

But what’s the attraction of spanking, if it’s not supererogatory of me to ask? Could it just possibly have anything at all to do with how you get tattooed?

It’s an ever-so-slightly painful process, sometimes involving a tender spot.

and sometimes an undignified position:

With any luck the results will be spectacular.

But, to return to the point we started with, there are people who find tattoos unsightly. So if you pay an unauthorized visit to the tattoo parlor, then, as the saying goes,

woe be unto you!

One thought on “Spanking on the Bare Skin

  1. MistressGhost says:

    Sebastian Keys, Lance Hart and Will Havoc are the men in the photo with the woman (I can’t think of her name) lying across their laps (the one about tattoos) if anyone is interested.


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