Photographer of the Week: Rudy Torres

Rudy Torres rocks!

So says his website, and since he goes to all the best parties, who am I to disagree?

He’s a nightlife photographer based in Los Angeles, so parties are his business, and a large part of his life. He gets to see the girls go by dressed in their party clothes,

and their fancy dress.

He goes to lingerie parties where the girls are wearing less than usual,

and regular parties where the gogo dancers wear even less than that.

He sees the party guys asserting their masculinity.

It’s his camera in the party photobooths where bottoms are playfully smacked.

He shoots holiday parties where Santa gets up to his usual tricks.

He shoots fetish parties,

where there’s a real risk that someone might get seriously whacked

or properly spanked!

But that’s actually a risk everywhere… because after all, spanking’s not just for spankos, you know!

There are plenty of girls who like to be spanked in fun. Though it seems a few of them prefer not to be photographed while it’s happening!

If you are interested in Rudy Torres’ work, please visit his website.

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