Spank the Patient?

In the very first moments of life, there is a smacked bottom. A doctor administers it, and then it is forgotten, buried under the abundance and complexity of the life experiences that are to follow. Except, perhaps, for a tardy teenager with a doctor for a dad:

You might think that in ‘spicy world’, where sexy spankings are delivered at the drop of a pretext and the rise of a skirt, doctors would routinely prescribe such treatment for their patients.

And you’d be wrong: that Bill Wenzel toon from 1973 is the one solitary case of a spicy general practitioner deploying spanking for its alleged therapeutic benefits. (A specialist branch of the profession does it a lot more often, but that’s a subject for another time.) It might be something that’s said to be given on medical advice…

but he would say that, wouldn’t he? And tellingly, the doctor isn’t there to confirm or disavow the recommendation.

No, a spicy patient is much more likely to be spanked by her physician for something that might get her spanked by anyone, as in this Bill Ward offering from 1970:

And in another Wenzel, this time from 1957, it’s not medical treatment for an ailment but a salutary professional response to attention-seeking hypochondria:

The spicy cartoons may have projected an improbable world of lascivious men and buxom, spankable women, but they generally avoided proferring anything that might be taken as advice, of doubtful accuracy, about something as important as bodily health.

That’s not to say that a toon patient might not emerge from the surgery with a sore situpon, if she was pretty enough. But it would likely be for another reason:

But what about less spicy worlds? We’ll discover the surprising truth in the second part of this article.

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