The Most Wonderful Time of the Czech Year

It’s Easter Monday 2022. And that means for pretty girls in the Czech Republic it’s…

the most dangerous time of the year!

But pretty Czech girls laugh in the face of danger:

Some may even abet it:

Is she snapped in the act of raising her skirt or holding it down? It’s a genuine point of ambiguity. Many ladies proffer their bots for the Easter Monday pomlazka.

Some encase themselves in suitable armor plating.

But others opt to dress on the skimpy side:

More than a few seem eager to divest themselves of whatever protection they may have,

because, as we have long known, in central Europe spankings are much more likely to be administered directly on the seat of a girl’s panties:

Some make imprudent underwear choices,

and pay the penalty,

and some just leave their panties off altogether!

Maybe for some it’s a little startling,

maybe even just a little painful,

but they enjoy it really.

OK, we know that 3 out of 20 don’t, but it’s still such a popular pastime that you can find girls lining up to get their Easter whackings.

Some girls supply their own pomlazka,

but ideally it needs to be used by a loved one:

No loved one available? With any luck there will at least be a faithful friend.

If all else fails… then you can always do it yourself!

Of course, you do see girls running away, but they’re not really trying to escape. Look at how half-hearted this girl’s efforts are:

Because part of the thrill of the chase is the thrill of getting caught!

Sadly, there are always critics who will insist on misunderstanding the custom as a barbarous form of medieval torture, as alluded to in this piece by the Moravian cartoonist Rendo:

Maybe they have just the tiniest of points…

It seems they did know the pleasures of the chase in the Middle Ages,

along with the pleasures of the inevitable outcome:

But needless to say, that wasn’t then: it was now, and the knights and maiden are historical cosplayers!

As usual, people in the public eye made a point of participating. Television presenter Lucie Borhyova got her annual chase around the garden:

Sportsman Roman Sebrle interrupted a lady’s morning routine:

Actor David Gransky had to run for his decorated eggs:

The theater was a perilous place for female company members, both backstage

and onstage:

That one was at the Broadway Theater in Prague, where two actresses, both by the name of Karolina, also got individual treatment, Slecna Tothova in pink and Slecna Gudasova in white:

Beyond the confines of the theater, actor Petr Vágner put in some good work on his friend Sylvie:

But who was responsible for the very best Easter spanking photo of the year? In both 2020 and 2021, it was the award-winning actress Tereza Tezka,

and in 2022 she managed it for the third year in a row:

Hurrah for her! What she deserves is… another award! The Pomlazka d’Or, maybe?

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