Fit for Spanking

Introducing Fitness Samka, a Russian YouTube influencer whose real name is Tonya Sokolova – meaning she also goes by the name of Fitness Tonya.

She’s a bodybuilder and a dancer, but above all she’s a prankster. Most of her stunts involve the notable physical feature you’ll have spotted in the photos, and follow a fairly standard pattern: she walks around in spandex-tight clothing and creates situations where guys get the chance of a look. Often this involves simply turning her back in the elevator or bending over in the store, but sometimes, especially on the subway, she has a habit of tripping over and landing awkwardly:

Like all pranks, there’s an element of social experiment alongside the mischief: how will the guy react?

Often his embarrassment will be compounded if he’s with his girlfriend.


And the encounter will often end with him getting his face slapped, as if he’s the one at fault.

It doesn’t need pointing out that there’s an element of risk in this. Some guys may be content to gaze, and maybe grab a memento.

But in this position, sooner or later, surely someone is going to decide to do something else… in which case it won’t be Fitness Samka dishing out the slaps, but taking them… and not on her face, either!

If you’d like to see some of her pranks, please visit her YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “Fit for Spanking

  1. iminwprnot says:

    I find this 1.) Extremely worthy of attention, here. 2.) Visually amazing (!!) 3.) Almost excruciatingly puzzling. How could Fitness Samka not have some, shall I say “inclination” toward some kind of interest (too many modifiers but, as I say, I find it most puzzling) in being spanked?

    I must add that I am not one who presumes or expects that “inclination” from any woman. My presumption is the opposite. If I could even imagine myself being the “victim” of this particular public prank (odds similar to the proverbial lightning-strike, I suppose) I surely would not do what I would profoundly want to do. I would react in a totally confused, embarrassed way. (I am so old, the TV show Candid Camera comes to mind, but the world has changed – improved in some ways – since then. I don’t remember CC ever coming close to this level of excitement!)

    Wow!! (She is SO beautiful!)


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