Spank the Mermaid

Sveta Shubina is a Russian graphic designer dedicated to exploring the popular culture of the last century, and who co-founded the clothing firm Hobo and Sailor in 2011 as an outlet for her work. Among her interests are what is now known as ‘vintage sleaze’ – meaning the kind of sexy stuff produced in the hinterland between mainstream and porn, like the cartoon and glamor digests published by firms like Humorama. If you don’t quite get what I mean, and even if you do, here’s an example of her work:

Sveta Shubina dog

And here’s another example of her work, in the style of Humorama and Archie cartoonist Dan deCarlo.

Sveta Shubina

With its aged paper and typical use of spot color, you might be deceived into thinking that’s an authentic Fifties toon – why, it even bears what appears to be a date, ‘56’. But the trademark ‘DSD’ signature isn’t there: it’s signed instead with Sveta’s ‘Sh’ monogram. And what’s more, she also photographed it while she was still partway through drafting it:

Sveta Shubina Mermaid

So it’s not a hitherto unknown deCarlo cartoon: it’s an original and brilliant homage by Sveta Shubina!

If you are interested in Sveta’s work, please visit the Hobo and Sailor website. You can also find more of her spanking artwork here and here.

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