Monsters Unleashed

Just because a person comes from far away and looks different doesn’t mean he won’t know our ways. So if you’re entrusted with meeting a newly arrived representative from somewhere else, make sure you observe the diplomatic niceties, or first contact might turn out to be as imagined by cartoonist Sveta Shubina:

Another piece of advice: if you’re going to perform an alien autopsy, the first thing to do once you’ve gotten the subject into the laboratory is to make sure it is in fact dead. The consequences of not following this simple procedure are illustrated by cartoonist Andrew Cohen:

And take a tip from Dave Wolfe: never, ever go fishing in the Black Lagoon.

Monsters and creatures of all kinds seem just as clued up about spanking as the human alpha male. Take the super-robot Mazinger Z, originally a Japanese manga creation, but by 1979 the hero of his own Spanish comic book.

In one story he faced Andromeda, a fiendish female super-robot bent on destruction:

But his detachable ‘flying fists’ soon found a way to deal with her:

And the upshot, of course, was a change of heart and the onset of robot love!

So remember, ladies, monsters spank. And don’t assume you’ll be safe just because the species you’ve encountered doesn’t have a lap to put you over or a strong hand to spank you with. Don’t make the same mistake as this spacegirl drawn by fantasy artists Steve Fastner and Rich Larson:

Take care, behave yourself, be a good girl, because, take it from comic-book artist Ben Templesmith:

Even Cthulhu spanks!

4 thoughts on “Monsters Unleashed

  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    Aha! Are you, Harry, also a Monster Kid, like I am? Isn’t it great to have these combinations of two of our favorite passions?!

    Steve and Rich’s Space Girl and her friend is probably my favorite here. Sveta gave me a grin with the salute to DeCarlo and the “Myu-TANT” of “This Island Earth!” These are all highly enjoyable– even that poorly-colored WolfieToon! 😀 (I’ve been going George Lucas on some of my old drawings, fixing things I couldn’t before!) Over the years, I have done a bunch of Spanking Monsters of Filmland, and Robots Designed with OTK Functionality in mind!

    Thanks for including me in the batch, and for yet another wonderful bit of entertainment!!


    • Harry says:

      Well, thank you for the toon. I’m sorry it’s one you think is unsatisfactory – I love it the way it is, but you’re the artist… Though, if I may, I will say one thing: for me, the addition of any more of the color red than is there already would absolutely ruin the toon. (More on that subject in November, albeit not with particular reference to WolfieToons…)


  2. Dave Wolfe says:

    Hiya, Harry! No, a more scarlet bottom isn’t what bothered me about the Creature Cartoon, but the very bland setting/background! I did fix it a bit and reinserted it over on the WolfieBlog!

    I’ll look forward to the November entry you mentioned; I have noticed some OTK cartoon/picture fans demand a delectable derriere ALWAYS be bared, and ALWAYS be a deeper red than any rose, which is fine if that’s their preference, but I find that gets pretty monotonous pretty quick in my art!


    • Harry says:

      That’s good to know, Wolfie. In my book stylization always beats literalism hands down.

      Anyone wanting to compare the 2006 original with the ‘Wolfie-Lucased’ 2021 revision can see the latter here.

      Personally I still prefer the original, partly because the busier background in the revision draws the eye away from the foreground action, and partly because the ‘copy of a copy’ effect means that some of the fine detail in the original is heavier because the lines have become just a fraction thicker. (I am thinking in particular of one of my favorite features, the simple lace edging on her panties which I have always recognized as the toon shorthand for ‘feminine undergarments’.) But it’s good that you have made a version that you find more satisfying, and that everyone now has the choice of two!


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