Spank! You’re on Candid Camera

The world is full of spanking photos. Many are porn, and have no place here. Many are the work of outstanding professional and amateur photographers who put considerable artistry and skill into their creations, and who are regularly honored in our Photographer of the Week series. And many are just regular guys and gals horsing around.

It’s these ‘candid’ photos that are today’s subject. They may often lack the polish and gloss of the pros, but they present authentic human behavior in the raw. Anyone can take a candid photograph, so long as they have a working camera, and they can be shot anywhere. In your own living room…

In the kitchen…

Or in a variety of more public places. A student common room…


At graduation…

In the gym…

At the supermarket…

In a bar…

On the beach…

Even tourist destinations and places of cultural pilgrimage have witnessed the occasional public spanking…

But anywhere public will do!

Sometimes there is a specific occasion for the spanking. Birthdays are an obvious example:

But losing at ping-pong appears to be just as good a reason:

Often, though, it’s nothing more than hijinks at a party:

The participants will often be couples, like this lady and her fiancé in Vegas:

A sense of intimacy and mutual confidence means that husbands and wives do some of the very best spanking candids:

But often it’s groups of friends, many of whom want to get in on the spanking action:

Age is no impediment:


Of course it isn’t, because candid spanking photography has been going since they were young, and before that. Modern social media may give us unprecedented access to the lives of our fellow human beings, or at least the ones with exhibitionistic tendencies, but what they show themselves off doing are often things that people have been doing in front of cameras since at least the early years of the last century. Including…


As we reach the end of the 1970s there, we may notice the growing prominence of spanking as a form of F/F horseplay. It was not unknown in earlier times…

But in the modern world it seems to be especially common for girls to spank girls:

Especially when they’re all girls together:

There’s one hazard of that situation: no inhibitions.

Or putting it another way, girls know how to spank girls properly, and they’re not afraid to do it:

Even in public, where boys might be watching…

And boys aren’t entirely unobservant…

So from time to time they have the same idea:

Matters may not be helped by a girl’s choice of outfit:

Not all outfits lend themselves to panty spanking…

But sometimes a girl’s panties are determined to reveal themselves no matter what she’s wearing!

Occasionally a girl may turn out to have made a very unwise underwear decision.

Too late to regret it now, dear!

But in candid photography, girls are rarely so modest: they will often acknowledge the camera, pulling faces that mingle open-mouthed astonishment with a kind of joyous abandon:

Some mimic a range of slightly more plausible reactions to their predicament:

But they’re only play-acting. All of these girls are enjoying themselves really.

And that’s the important thing to realize. These aren’t serious scenes of unwelcome punishment, any more than the modern pictures you sometimes see that show people sitting happily in the stocks. These are photographs recording playful moments of social pleasure. And with that in mind, let’s sign off with some messages for the world’s killjoys who would begrudge all this harmless fun:

2 thoughts on “Spank! You’re on Candid Camera

  1. jimc says:

    Wow, what a great collection of mainstream spankings. I do think some have to have been professional as i think i have seen some of them somewhere before although many spanking sites do use an awful lot of pics that you and Richard have found and posted so i may have seen the pirated images before. These were really outstanding as i did enjoy seeing ones that i have not ever seen as well as several that i have seen over my many years as a spanko. Thanks for sharing such an amazing trove of spanking pics. i really do enjoy all of your finds and these were some of my favorites. Have a great day.


    • Harry says:

      Thanks. I’ll just pick up a couple points.

      I don’t think the fact that you’ve seen some of the pictures before is grounds for thinking them to be professional work, and obviously I don’t agree that they are. The serious point of the article was to document the fact that spanking imagery is widespread, in contexts that have nothing to do with porn or sadism or abuse or misogyny, and reflects everyday fun by ordinary people. Of course that would be slightly undermined if some of them turned out to be the work of professionals. But if anybody actually knows (rather than just guesses) that a particular photo is a posed pro shot rather than a candid, please do say.

      I also think ‘pirated’ is a rather strong word to choose. I found the photos, but I don’t own them. Or, to be more precise, I own the finds but not the photos. I don’t particularly like the fact that they then get recycled on other sites that have rather different underlying philosophies from mine, and that take the material out of context. I particularly don’t like the ‘my site is more important than yours so I will add these to my gallery’ attitude. But it’s a free world and in any event I can’t stop them. The issue is where you place the borderline between rudeness and larceny.

      But mainly I’m glad you liked the piece.


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