Spanked by a Statue

There’s something uncanny about statues and other life-size representations of human beings. People seem to have a compulsion to pose with them, to interact in a way that makes them seem to be actually alive. And when it’s a seated statue, like this one in Barcelona, one of the poses to be struck is…

Even if it’s not seated, a raised or outstretched hand may be turned to advantage by a determined lady poser:

The next one doesn’t have a free hand, but the torch of learning finds a new application:

The statue may sometimes be larger than life-size:

It may not be human:

It doesn’t even have to be a statue in the strictest sense:

And anyone can do it.

The craze swept across the nation. In Las Vegas…

In Texas…

In Ohio…

In Puerto Rico…

And out into the world beyond. Cabo, Mexico…






Sometimes it involves quite famous works, like this sculpture by Andrzej Renes that has been at Warsaw University since 2003:

Or Rodin’s 1889 Victor Hugo monument in Paris:

And that raises a question: who gets to administer the spanking? It could be someone of great literary importance, like the ancient poet Homer, whose statue stands outside the Albert Ludwig University at Freiburg in Germany:

It could be a figure of religious reverence:

And it could be Mickey Mouse:

Characters from popular culture often become spanking statues, like the giant depiction of the legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan in Brainerd, Minnesota:

From Star Trek to Star Wars:

From Deadpool to the Michelin Man:

From Barney Rubble to Bugs Bunny to Buzz Lightyear:

The statue of Kung Fu Panda at Gardaland in Verona is rich with possibilities:

We can also see various girls trying out the permutations in the sculpture garden at San Diego, where there’s a suitable statue of a soldier ostensibly being entertained by Bob Hope.

Some other statues also get a lot of this kind of attention, like the traffic cop on Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.

The key thing to remember in this kind of activity is that the success of the picture depends entirely on how the girl manages to look, pose and interact with the static figure:

Turnabout can’t be fair play in this game, because it’s virtually impossible to spank a statue, but some brave souls have a try at smacking them.

You might think that a statue of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch offers a tempting target, but remember, there’s a big difference between the two Monroe bottoms on show here:

There’s a famous Marilyn statue by Seward Johnson in National Harbor, Maryland:

One family has a tradition that it’s good luck to reach under those skirts and smack her bottom.

But don’t smack too hard! Advice which might also be useful if you’re visiting the witches’ ring in the village of Thale in Germany:

It might be an idea to go well equipped,

or else look for a softer target. You may find one at the waxworks.

And it’ll almost certainly be a famous bottom. That one’s the figure of Jennifer Lopez at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam. The museum doesn’t like you to touch, but maybe if you’re quick…

You could also seek out the veteran entertainer Josephine Baker in New York:

Or Catwoman at Niagara Falls:

And there’s one last piece of advice. Remember, girls, if you’re going to be spanked by a statue: modesty in all things!

For more close encounters with statues, go here, here and here

One thought on “Spanked by a Statue

  1. jimc says:

    You are quite right about people being drawn to interact with statues in ways I don’t think the artist ever imagined. Great spanking finds and some of them really do look like they were designed as spanking statues. There were several stories in a yahoo group several years ago about that theme (statues come to life in light of full moon and do become what their sculptors had in mind) and the ones that take pictures of spanking done by statues are my favorite mainstream spankees. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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