Can Dance, Will Dance! (Might Spank…)

When a dancer enjoys full mobility but her dance partner is confined to a wheelchair, how can she interact with him? Quite easily, actually, once you think outside the usual choreographic constraints and apply your mind to the developing art of paradancing. There are lots of possible moves:

But one option isn’t seen so often in work by ‘inclusive dance’ companies, perhaps because some unfortunate people have hangups about what it implies, or at least resembles.

Resembles, because of course most of it is only Faux-TK.

Paradancers rehearse rigorously,

and the work they produce is as elegant and graceful as anything an able-bodied dancer does. For an example, here’s a nice moment from the show Shared Mysteries | Love, choreographed by Douglas Scott:

(Video here.)

And maybe, just maybe, once in a blue moon, this particular move is just a little more than Faux-TK, and something closer to allusion. Here’s a piece of work by the internationally acclaimed Turkish wheelchair dancer Mehmet Arik, dancing with Ece Tunca:

If you watch the video (here), you won’t see any spanking; but you will see him put her across his knee, and you will see her legs kicking in the air with graceful helplessness as the chair turns with her in that position. If it isn’t OTK, it’s surely the very next best thing!

Applause for all these great dancers!

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