Kiss Me Kate: 1983

We begin, as Kiss Me Kate histories often do, in Baltimore. The musical was produced in March by the Dundalk Community Theatre, and Harriette Sherman played Lilli. Want to see her rehearsing?

At Goshen Central High School, New York, Charles Eisenhart spanked Celine Bach…

and all we got was this lousy program cover:

Not that we’re ungrateful, it’s just that we’ve seen the toon before – quite often. So let’s pass swiftly on. Next stop, Mars Hill College, Asheville, North Carolina, where Sara Page Hall was spanked by Winston Shearin from April 29 through May 1:

But this wasn’t a full production of Kiss Me Kate, just an extract in a musical revue entitled He, She and Us. For the next complete KMK of the year with the all-important spanking imagery, we’ll have to wait until June and go down to Florida, where the Tampa Players staged it and Marc Streeter spanked Lissa Knopke:

Madison Summer Theatre, New Jersey, produced the musical July 27-30, with Scott Graeber and Jennifer Thomas:

In the fall, there was a production that’s worth recording even though we have no spanking picture from it.

Anne Jeffreys, who had first played Lilli in the 1940s, and who was now 60 years old, returned to the role at Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania from September 28 through October 16; she gave what a reviewer called ‘a sparkling performance’ and was spanked ‘with finesse’ by Guil Fisher, who was the playhouse’s musical director as well as the production’s Fred.

Also that fall, we go to Atchison High School, Kansas, to see Allison Ziegler get spanked by Ricardo Gorman:

December 7-10 takes us to Dallas, Texas, where Highland Park High School, was the location for a scene featuring Amy Meyers, Josh Larson and what looks like a rather remarkable false beard:

And finally, an undated 1980s shot from the US:

That’s Nancy Leavitt being spanked in a high school production in New Jersey, but exactly when is lost in the mists of time…

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